17. Scottish Highlands and Boarders

posted Jul 4, 2012, 2:39 AM by Carlie Huberman
My Dear Bonnie Lasses and Lads,
I have been traveling many a day (2 of them) through the Scottish highlands and boarders to see the sites and revel in the beauties of un matched scenery! I have visited the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond (and yes it is really quite remarkable...the song is right) and down to Scotts View to see the Sir Walter Scotts inspirational view point.  I have been up to Stirling Castle to learn massive amounts of history and see the landscapes open up before me, and down to Melrose Abby to see the place where Robert the Bruce's heart is buried.  The abby is unbelievably beautiful with many of the 1000 year old arches and windows still standing.  And last but most certainly not least I got to see Roslyn Chapel (think Da Vinchi Code).  This chapel is rather small but took 40 years to complete because of the masonry work covering both the entire inside and outside of the chapel is incredible.  There are even codes carved into parts of the walls! (supposed to be something about the Knights Templar)  Not one image is repeated once in the castle except for the St. Claire coat of arms which is the family who has owned the castle for over a 1000 years!  Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures inside the chapel so you will have to go there yourself!  And yes it is sooo worth it!  Next I am heading down to York, England!