13. Geneva...and the UN

posted Jun 22, 2012, 3:05 PM by Carlie Huberman
So I spent two days in Geneva and I honestly have to say that the best part of it was getting to see the United Nations.  In this I'm sure my geeky-ness is showing through but I am completely proud of it!  Besides the obvious coolness of just getting to see the rooms where so many history changing treaties and decisions were made there were some really great exhibits on display.  My favorite exhibit was one on the after affects of a clean water well being put into an isolated village.  When ever I have been asked the question "If there is one problem in the world you could solve what would it be?" my answer has always been "Clean Water for everyone".  I have always believed that if everyone had clean water many different problems would be solved including limiting many deseases and solving resource conflicts but looking at this exhibit I was able to see affects that hadn't occurred to me before.  One for example is the ability for young girls to be educated.  Since they are no longer having to spend all day searching out and carrying water to survive on they are able to now go to school.  This exhibit really moved me.  In the UN there are also many incredible pieces of artwork that are also really wonderful to experience.  Another cool thing is that while I was in the UN i was able to see a humanities conference in progress!

Other then touring the UN I walked around the city and met some really cool students studying in Geneva for the summer.  We spent a few evenings with different people and even watched as a couple of them decided to jump off a bridge into the river in the middle of the city. (I think the beer may have had something to do with that decision), and even though I decided to remain dry (with the rest of the girls) it was fun to watch the boys!  I am off to France now to taste some great food!