11. Luxembourg - where fairytails live

posted Jun 15, 2012, 10:29 AM by Carlie Huberman
Have you ever seen a city that the entire time you kept saying to yourself... "This cannot possibly be real...i can't actually really BE in this place for real!"?  Well...that city is Luxemburg, Luxembourg.  While I didn't make it to the actual business modern section of the city i spent two full days in the old city.  The city is an old fortress that was built in the 900s...awesome right?  You can still walk along and IN the old castle walls which shows you how the city was defended from attack over and over again throughout the years.  The tunnels in the walls are called Casemates and when you look out the spy holes you look out over the beautiful old city.  Keep in mind we had our fair share of great food, drink, and shopping, but the best part was just sitting on a bench and watching the beautiful horizon.