My Films

These are samples of the film work I have done.

Watch a clip from my award winning documentary "Take Back What They Took" at American Visions Festival

"Take Back What They Took" recently won an award for "Outstanding Undergraduate Documentary" at American Visions Festival 2012.  It is a documentary that speaks out on the after affects of sexual assault.

Kitchen Clock   This is a short drama about a single mother and her relationships with her two daughters.  I produced, wrote, and edited this at American University.

Kitchen Clock

A Man's Game   This is a 16mm Film that I produced and edited at American University.  It is a short film about a speak easy in the 1920s!

A Man's Game

Dressing In the Past   This is a documentary I made at American University about renaissance faire costumers and how they make their elaborate outfits.

Dressing In The Past

Boy 1905
  A film about fantasy and imagination.  I produced, edited, and directed this while studying at Swinburne University Film Conservatory in Melbourne, Australia!

Boy 1905

Our Dirty Little Secret   I made this my freshmen year at American University.  Its a piece about one girls frantic morning.

Our Dirty LIttle Secret