My Bio


My name is Carlie Huberman and I am a recent graduate from American University, in Washington, DC with a BA in Film and Media arts and a minor in Anthropology.  I am originally from North Carolina and still love my Carolina BBQ!

I recently won an award for "Outstanding Undergraduate Documentary" at American Visions Festival 2012 for my documentary "Take Back What They Took".  A documentary that speaks out on the after affects of sexual assault.

 I decided that instead of getting a real job after graduation that I should travel and see as much as I can, so I am now backpacking around Europe for 5 months and of course bringing my camera along! 

A little more you might not know about me....

    - I am a trapeze artist and circus acrobat
    - I lived in Melbourne, Australia for a year while studying at the National Institute of Circus Arts.
    - I play the french horn
    - I love to do latin and ballroom dance!
    - I know nothing about high fashion...and according to most of my friends fashion in general :)
    - I can't catch or throw a ball to save my life
and finally....

    - I am doing this entire trip only a month after having torn my ACL completely for the second time in one year!

Feel free to leave me a message I would love to hear from you!

        Carlie Huberman