44. Oktoberfest...Munich

posted Sep 28, 2012, 11:18 AM by Carlie Huberman   [ updated Sep 28, 2012, 11:20 AM ]
I just spent the week at Oktoberfest, well I only actually spent three days at the festival but it sure felt like a week!  The first thing I did when I got there was buy myself a Dirndl.  Mine is black with white flowers with blue embroidery and a blue checkered apron! I love it!  Each day I wore my hair braided differently and had a lot of fun with that too!  Oktoberfest is truly an experience.  It is really more like a state fair then I expected though, but with a lot more beer, and everyone is a lot drunker.  I managed to go on a few rides which was fun and eat some of the great food they have there.  The thing that I noticed the most about Bavaria is that everything is BIG!  The beer comes in steins which are liters of beer, if you food they give you a half chicken, and the pretzels are twice the size of my head!  Even the boobs are big!  The bar maids were certainly impressive carrying around a minimum of 6 full steins at a time!  Man thats heavy!  I never managed to get through more then 2 and a half steins in a day, but then again I'm not the biggest drinker in the world.  The first day I was there for 15 hours!  I got there at 10am and we got our first beers at 11am.  It really felt wrong!  I was hanging with a bunch of Americans.  Around 4pm I decided to leave but on my way out I ran into two friends that I had made in Bosnia!  What are the chances!  There are over a million people at Oktoberfest!  So I spent the rest of the day until 10:30 when it ended and then until 2:00am at the after party with them!  It was a total blast!  They are australian and we met up with two others australians who were at our table and they were totally awesome people!  It gets so much fun at night with everyone all dressed up in Dirndls and Laderhosen and everyone is holding massive beers and standing on benches and tables and singing and dancing.  And the best part is that everyone is just SO HAPPY!  The next day I didn't even go over to the fair grounds until around 4pm.  I had made friends with a guy from America staying at my hostel who is 7 feet tall!!! Yes I am not exaggerating!  We made a very funny pair!  We went on a few rides together before we started drinking and when we tried to get on the roller coaster they kicked him off because he was too big!  It was pretty funny, he totally didn't fit.  We met up with one of his friends and went to a different tent and had just as good a night!  We made friends with a group of Germans from Munich and had a blast with them all night till it ended at 10:30 again.  The next day I had a headache...surprise, surprise.  So I didn't head over till around 4 again,  It was raining and I only stayed for about 4 hours before heading back to my hostel.  Luckily there were lots of people there to hang out with before heading off to bed!  Overall it was a great experience!  I think one of the funniest things though was just seeing the number of people all dressed up just walking around the city!  It was great!  I am on my way back to Croatia now to sail up the coast!!