27. Seville...relax by the pool

posted Aug 4, 2012, 4:59 PM by Carlie Huberman
I just spent the last few days in Seville, Spain where it was over 100 degrees every single day.  So hot!  I think it got up to 45 degrees Celsius at one point.  But thanks to my amazing hostel we had a pool on the rooftop!  Pretty  much for the first two days I saw nothing of Seville....I just hung out on the rooftop with all the awesome travelers I met.  I was still with Josh and we made friends with a girl named Jess and adopted her!  We also met a bunch of guys who played guitar and sang.  So pretty much everyday, all day and all night until around 5am they played guitar and we sang along.  It was a really great experience.  On the last day I went out to see Seville.  It is a really beautiful city and the river is great to see with the multi-colored houses all along it.  I really loved the Plaza of Spain.  It was so beautiful and I got some really great pictures!  You can see them here.   On the last day we also went to a Flamenco show which was really amazing!!  The dancing, singing, and guitar playing was all fantastic!  I then had an 8 hour bus ride to Lisbon, Portugal!  So I gonna end this blog for the night and go to sleep!!  But over all Seville was great!!!!!