16. Edinburgh...Rain Rain Rain

posted Jul 4, 2012, 2:22 AM by Carlie Huberman
I just spent 6 nights in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I was only supposed to stay 3!  I think one of the most amazing things about Edinburgh is that how green everything is.  Its obvious why its so green...it rains about 4 times a day!!  I finally just gave up and stopped bothering with my rain jacket, I figured as long as my camera was protected it really didn't matter if I got wet!  While I was here my sister, Lori and her boyfriend, Stephen met up with me.  Unfortunately I only got one day with them instead of two because Newcastle had a 100 year flood that caused landslides over the train tracks and for a few days it was impossible for anyone to cross from England into Scotland!  Waiting for their different delayed trains to get in I got real familiar with the Waverly Train Station.  While I was waiting for them to get to Scotland I walked the city a few times exploring different areas and getting myself thoroughly  lost!  At one point I found an over grown cemetery in the middle of the industrial part of the city that had clearly bee forgotten, it was awesome to walk through.  When Lori eventually got to Edinburgh we walked the Royal Mile a few times and explored Edinburgh Castle.  Lori and Stephen are now going to hike and bike the Scottish highlands and I am staying a few extra days to do bus tours of the highlands and boarders!