15. Nice, Monaco and Ironman

posted Jun 30, 2012, 11:02 AM by Carlie Huberman   [ updated Jun 30, 2012, 11:02 AM ]

So I four days in Nice, France and had a really great time.  The water really is a blue as it looks in the pictures and it was hot enough to NEED to be in the water!  I hiked up to the top of La Chateau to see the views of the city and it was really beautiful.  Morgan and I decided after walking the long way to take the short cut down from the overlook.  There was a path of stairs that led directly down to the beach where we spent the next few hours.  As it happened the Iron Man was in progress that day in Nice so after lazing about by the water we headed over to the race and witnessed the people attempting to swim over 2 miles, bike 110 miles and then run a marathon (26.2 miles).  Unfortunately we missed the swimming part but we saw the biking and the running.  The best part was watching the participants friends and families cheer them on every time they ran by!  Our conclusion was that these people are absolute nuts!  But very inspiring nuts!  I’m gonna have to get back in shape once this trip is over.  The next day we went to Monaco to see Monte Carlo and the palace.  It was really neat and quite beautiful but it made me feel very poor J The entire country is visible from the top of the palace (which isn’t that impressive seeing as how the country is only the size of the city).  After marveling at the porches and other ridiculous cars we went to find another very beautiful beach.  We spent our last day wondering around nice and more beach time before it was time for Morgan to leave me.  I am now continuing on to Scotland on my own where I am meeting up with my sister in Edinburgh!