This site is intended to form a genealogy research portal for the Carlier Family in India. If you would like to join in, or have any questions, please contact me at marco.herbst at gmail.com www.marcoherbst.com 

Initially, I am working on these individuals:

1. Jan Carlier, the earliest reported Carlier
Born, Amsterdam, Holland (Source: FamilySearch.org IGI Record)
1720 Married Adriana Pieris of Columbo Sri Lanka (Source: FamilySearch.org IGI Record)
Feb 1722 daughter Hendrina Carlier  (Source: FamilySearch.org IGI Record)
07 Feb 1734 son, Victor Carlier.  (Source: FamilySearch.org IGI Record)
* fs.org lists one other Carlier, Johanna, in Sri Lanka, who is born in Columbo in about 1720 and marries Hendrik Marten Vos. There is no link shown to Jan Carlier

2. Daniel Carlier who died 1822

3. Daniel Carlier, born 1798, died 1865

4. Daniel Carlier, father of Elizabeth Carlier (b. 1828)

5. Daniel Leslie Carlier (1893-)
Born 09 Dec 1893 parents Daniel Albert George Carlier and Caroline Mary (Source FamilySearch.org IGI Record)
Christened 25 Mar 1894 Goontoor, Tamil Nadu, India (Source: ditto)

6. Daniel Graham Carlier
    Baptised 1842 - Source, BL Records, Caroline

7. Daniel W.
    Baptised 1869 - Source, BL Records, Caroline.

8. Emma Agnes Carlier
    Born approx 1852 (See Below)
    Married Daniel McNair 9th June 1875 (Age 23) Father William Evans Carlier, Residence Madura  (Source: BL Marriage Lists, Have a copy).

9. William Evans Carlier 

Any further information on any of these people would be much appreciated.