Welcome to the website of musician, Carl Gandalf.

Carl Gandalf is a vocalist/guitarist/harmonicist who performs as a soloist throughout the tri-state area. In addition he performs with the Wizard Duo in which he is accompanied by a bassist/vocalist and the Wizard Trio which adds a percussionist/vocalist to the Wizard Duo.

In all musical configurations Gandalf plays rhythm 'n blues, rock, soul, reggae and blues. 

Gandalf's solo act is a bit different than most since he uses an electric guitar and vintage drum machine. This configuration gives him the ability to lay down more of a groove without being any louder than a typical acoustic act. Carl likes to call his music Rhythm 'n Groove. 

For more information on the Wizard Duo and Wizard Trio please visit the following websites:

Facebook site:      https://www.facebook.com/wizardbands