This is an updated version of my Celstart example; this version does the following:

  • Updated for CrystalSpace 1.2
  • Two graphics modes: flat terrain (similar to celstart example) and more realistic terrain (using Crystal Space's terrain generation capabilities), selectable at the start
  • Dinosaurs now run away from PyRex if you get close enough
  • Dinosaurs can be eaten (press X when nearby to convert other dinosaurs into food)
  • PyRex can run (shift to run) for short periods of time (before his energy is drained)

Note that there were some changes between 1.previous and 1.2; this has only been tested using CrystalSpace 1.2 under linux (next up: windows)

Click image to download (as before, you need celstart and python to be able to run this application. Under Linux, python 2.5 works just fine and no path munging is needed). TBD: Windows behavior

pycelrex.celzip (5M)