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2013 Results

Thanks to all the competitors and volunteers for braving the cold mist to make the 2013 tri a success! We raised $1000+ for Northfield Kids. 

Come back next year!

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[Registration Information]:

Will be posted in 2014. 

[Race information]:

The 2014 triathlon will be the same route as 2013. It will feature a 1000-yard swim, 16.3 mile bike and a 5 mile (8k) run. 


  • All athletes must obey instructions from course marshals/volunteers, and other emergency personnel. 
  • This is an open bike course on public roads, volunteers will be at major intersections to direct traffic, but you ARE NOT TO ASSUME you have the right of way.
  • First-aid is located at the finish line. If you need transportation to the finish line for medical attention notify any course volunteer or water-stop worker and they will contact a race director. Any medical emergency should be directed to "911". Any race
  • First-aid is located at the transition area.  If you need transportation to the finish line for a medical or equipment notify any course volunteer or water-stop person and they will contact a race director.  Any medical emergency should be directed to “911”.  Any race volunteer can assist in making this contact. Water or other hydration drinks will be provided at the transition area, run finish and at the turn around of the run. 
  • You must know the start time for the race and ensure that you arrive in time.  All race participants are expected to be at the start line 10 – 15 minutes prerace for any last minute updates and directions.  Swim Heats will begin with READY – SET – and a WHISTLE will sound noting the start of each heat.
  • The finish line is located directly under the walkway into West Gym.  Split times will be taken prior to the exit from the pool and from the exit/entrance to the transition area and at the finish.  
  • Each mile is marked with a marker.  All turns off the existing roadway are noted by at least one of the following: course volunteer, a traffic cone, or road surface paint.
  • No participant shall wear headphones or any sound producing device during the bike portion of the race (results in disqualification).  During the run it is OK.
  • Body marking for all racers should be completed at least 30 minutes before your swim heat starts. Body marking will open at 6:30am near the registration area at West Gym. We will mark your number on your arm and on your leg. Your wave number will be written on your hand. 
  • We want to provide you with the best possible results.  You can help us do that by knowing what your race number is in case someone at a timing transition asks.
  • Results will be available online at
  • After the event, we will have food that you can enjoy, for all participants free of charge.

-- SWIM:1000 yards

  • The Swim will start in West Gym's Thorpe Pool. Please refer to this site for posted schedule and exact start times of each swimming heat. Waves are assigned according to entry time for the 1000. Individual swim heats will proceed from flow to fast with relay teams in the wave after the last group of individual competitors.
  • 1000 yards is 20 laps (down and back) in the pool
  • Lifeguards will be on site for your safety. If you need to rest, let a lifeguard know. You will not be penalized for resting.
  • Water Temperature is always around 79˚ Fahrenheit. WETSUITS are NOT allowed.
  • IMPORTANT:  All swimmers will need to provide their own lap counter.  We do not have enough volunteers to count laps.  The lap counter need only stay for the swim.  YOU CANNOT COUNT YOUR OWN LAPS.  It's been tried, and it does not work.  Start looking for a lap counter right away!


  • Bike placement areas will be set up and are on a first come basis.
  • For safety and security, only competitors are allowed in the transition area after 7:00 am.  Riding your bike is not allowed in the transition area.  Everyone must wear an approved bike helmet.  Bike helmets must always be buckled. 
  • Team Area in transition area – There will be a specific location in the transition area for team members to exchange. Please do it safely.
  • Only race participants will be allowed to pick up bicycles.
  • You must mount and dismount at the designated line
  • There will be an EMT tent located in the transition area

-- BIKE: 16.3 miles

  • All bikers must mount/dismount at the designated point right outside of the transition area.  The distance is measured to this turnaround, so if you stop short, you're cutting the course!  There will be a threshold line that you must cross before dismounting your bike.  This is the same place you will need to be when mounting to take off for your ride. This is for safety purposes and to minimize "on-bike" traffic within the transition area.
  • Please watch out for traffic!  The roads are all open to traffic.
  • The bike route will be marked on the roads with paint.  It is your responsibility to pay attention while on the bike course.  When people have gotten lost, it was not because the course was poorly marked but because they zoned out and stopped paying attention to the markings.
  • There is a turnaround point on the biking portion of the race (see map). There will be orange cones and a sign at this point.
  • There will be distance markings every 5 miles.
  • All bikers will need to provide their own bike AND HELMET!!! If you do not have a helmet, you will not be allowed to bike!
  • There will be a safety van on the course during this leg.
  • For the safety of spectators, volunteers, and themselves bikers must slow down as they approach the finish line

-- RUN: 5 miles

  • The run goes through the lower arb. Please see the run map to learn the course.
  • The course will be marked with spray paint on the trails.
  • There will be a water station halfway through the course.
  • iPods are allowed during the run (unlike the bike)



Bike Course

Click Here for a detailed description of the bike course:

It's the same as last year. There's a water station halfway through.

It's actually 20 laps this time, but you get the idea.


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Photo by Dave Pape