I'm an Assistant Professor of Economics at Washington University in St. Louis.
I specialize in empirical labor economics.

Working Papers:
What Explains the Racial Gaps in Task Assignment and Pay over the Life-Cycle?  (with Limor Golan and Jonathan James) (Draft available on request)
Immigrant Wage Growth in the United States: The Role of Occupational Upgrading (with Rebecca Lessem) (accepted, International Economic Review)

Life-Cycle Wage Growth and Heterogeneous Human Capital (with Christopher Taber) (Annual Review of Economics, 2012, Vol 4: 399-425.)
Racial Gaps, Occupational Matching, and Skill Uncertainty (with Limor Golan) (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, forthcoming.)

Work in Progress:
The Effect of Family Instability on Investments in Children (with Rebecca Lessem)
Identifying Interactive Fixed Effects with Missing Data
How Heterogenous is Human Capital? A Unified Approach (with Christopher Taber and Rune Vejlin)
Optimal Decoys (with Paulo Natenzon)

Contact Information:
Email:  carlesanders@gmail.com
Phone: 1-240-645-7982