I'm an Assistant Professor of Economics at Washington University in St. Louis.
I specialize in empirical labor economics.

Skill Accumulation, Skill Uncertainty, and Occupational Choice (New version soon)
Life-Cycle Wage Growth and Heterogeneous Human Capital (with Christopher Taber) (Annual Review of Economics, 2012, Vol 4: 399-425.)

Work in Progress:
Identifying Multidimensional Worker Skills
How Heterogenous is Human Capital? A Search Approach (with Christopher Taber and Rune Vejlin)
Learning and the Racial Wage Gap (with Limor Golan and Jonathan James)
General Training, Search Frictions, and Reputations (with Seung-Gyu Sim)

CV: (pdf)

Contact Information:
Email:  carlesanders@gmail.com
Phone: 1-240-645-7982