2019Calendar, CHRISTMAS &CHICKEN cards

The calendar is 10.5x8.5” wire bound
All CALENDARS are $35 ( shipping included) 
All credit cards accepted, please enter your shipping address as well 

Ruffled Feathers 4x6"

Cock-a-doodle-do 8x4"

Born to be WILD 4x6"

What the cluck 4x6"

Dance  ..like nobody's watching  4x6"

The Seas and Gulls Series 
Christmas West Coast  Style 
baby its cold outside

Rudolph Gull 4x8"

SNOWFLAKE... Take time to chase the snowflake  4x6"

The Trio 4x8"

Sing ...'Tis the season to sing 4x9"
Do not open till Xmas 4x9

Lights ... Christmas lights instantly make me feel 8 years old again4x9

Have a Whale of a Christmas

I believe in Mermaids and Santa

Christmas is Coming 

Keep it reel

does chrismas come from a store?

What's SUP Santa?

whale christmas
seagull socks