Tu es ma came

Carla Bruni tells us once again that when she is a woman in love, her lover becomes her whole life and takes over her whole being.  Lucky man!
 The title offers a translation problem. It is is usually translated "You are my drug", which is, quite simply, the exact meaning -  Carla Bruni is saying that her love for her boyfriend exhilarates her  as if she had taken a drug.  The French word "came"  would probably not be so frankly explicit as the word "drug" is in English.  The word "Came"  is an abbreviation of “camelote” meaning; trash rubbish, stuff i.e. literally what a « camelot » -a pedlar sells. In French everyday speech the word has the meaning of peddled drugs.
When Carla Bruni appeared on the Jools Holland's Show on BBC television in 2008, he introduced this song as "You are my drug".  Carla tried to find a colloquial English word and suggested "You are my junk" - as this is a slang term in English for a hard drug.  However, to call some-one who entrances you "junk" is hardly appropriate.  She also suggested "my cup of tea" and "my type", but these translations are too mild, even though tea is addictive.
To many other people also the word "drug" would not have any suitable connotations for a love song. I have seen "stardust" as a slang word for cocaine and this would give a second meaning, but "You are my stardust" is too sugary and trite for Carla Bruni.  We need a short colloquial word meaning "drug". 

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Tu es ma came


Tu es ma came

Ma toxique, ma volupté suprême

Mon rendez-vous chéri, et mon abîme

Tu fais rire au plus doux de mon âme


Tu es ma came

Tu es mon genre de délice,  de programme

Je t'aspire, Je t'expire et je me pâme

Je t'attends comme on attend la manne


Tu es ma came

J'aime tes yeux, tes cheveux, ton arôme

Viens donc là que je te goûte, que je te fume

Tu es mon bel amour, mon anagramme



Tu es ma came

Plus mortelle que l'héroïne afghane

Plus dangereux que la blanche colombienne

Tu es ma solution à mon doux problème



Tu es ma came

A toi tous mes soupirs, mes poèmes

Pour toi toutes mes prières c'est la lune

A toi ma disgrâce et ma fortune


Tu es ma came

Quand tu pars, c'est l'enfer et ses flammes

Toute ma vie, toute ma peau te réclame

On dirait que tu coules dans mes veines


Je te veux jusqu'à en vendre l'âme

À tes pieds je dépose mes armes


Tu es ma came

Tu es ma came




You are my fix

My toxic, my supreme voluptuousness

My cherished rendez-vous, and my abyss -

You make me laugh most gently in my heart.


You are my fix

You're my kind of delight, of programming

I inhale you, I exhale you and keel in a swoon

I await you as they await God’s  manna


You are my fix

I love your eyes, your hair, your aroma

So come here then , that I may taste you and I may smoke you

You're my beautiful love, my own anagram.


You are my fix

More lethal than heroin of Afghans

More dangerous than Colombian white powder

You're my solution to my sweet problem


You're my fix

To you all my fond hopes, and my poems 

For you all of my prayers that’s just moonshine

To you my fall from grace and my good fortune.


You are my fix

When you're away, that's hell and hell's flames

All my life, all my being cries out for you

One would say that you flow in my bloodstream


I want you even to sell my soul for

At your feet I come, lay down my arms.


You are my fix

You are my fix








Ma Came –  The word is an abbreviation of “camelote” meaning; trash rubbish, stuff i.e. literally what a « camelot » a pedlar sells.  In everyday speech it has come to mean peddled drugs.