La Blonde Exquise

In this song, Carla Bruni personifies her favourite cigarette.  Appropriately, it becomes a girl – “Une blonde exquise” - as it is a French cigarette made with a mild and blond tobacco.  A regular smoker, Carla has had this cigarette as an essential part of her lifestyle since her student days and perhaps even earlier.  She details it charms and attractions that have made it (or her) important to her.  She is reviewing her smoking habit because she has made the resolution to stop smoking and she is facing up to the realisation of how much in her life she has to give up, This frankness with herself would not seem to make the change any easier.

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"La Blonde Exquise"

Ah ma délicieuse,

Ah mon enfumeuse,

Ma petite crâneuse,

ma veuve joyeuse

lorsque je t’allume,

toi ma blonde exquise

Ca dissipe mes brumes,

Oh la vilaine fille

Pendue à mes lèvres,

Qui crane et qui brille

Mon infréquentable

Ma mauvaise élève

Lorsque tu m’allumes

Je caresse le diable

Le diable aie, aie, aie, aie, aie

Oui le diable aie, aie, aie, aie, aie


Pour après l’amour,

Pour avant la mort (1)

Remplir de volute

L’eau du ciel qui dort

Pour faire comme Gainsbourg,(2)

Pour faire comme Marlène (3)

Pour braver le sort

Oh Ma régulière


Ma petite sorcière

Lorsque je t’aspire

Mon Dieu quel plaisir

Mon adolescente

Tu me feras crever

Tellement tu me tentes

Aie, aie, aie, aie, aie, aie

Oui, tu me tentes,

Aie, aie, aie, aie, aie, aie


Quand de toi je me prive,

Quand je fais carême

Quelque chose se brise,

Quelque chose se fane

Doucement se déchire

La soie de mon âme

Quand je me raisonne,

Quand je tourne la page

De tes cendres grises

De nos nuits sauvages

Je sens ma jeunesse

Quitter le rivage



Viens donc la petite

Tendresse toxique,

calme silencieux,

douceur interdite

Faut qu’on se lâche,

il faut qu’on s’oublie,

il faut qu’on se quitte


Ah ma confidente,

mes nuits d’étudiante

Ma chapelle ardente(4)

Ma défaite brûlante

Il faut que je tâche

D’oublier ton gout,

Ta douce tourmente

Aie, aie, aie, aie, aie

Tu me tourmentes

Aie, aie, aie, aie aie


 Ah my greatest delight,

Ah my smoke infuser,                                              

My little show off

My Merry Widow.

When I light you up,

You, my blonde exquise,

You drive my mists away,

Oh the wicked girl

Hanging upon my lips,

Who swanks and makes a stir

Brat, not to be seen with

My pupil of mischief.

When you light me up

I’m stroking the devil

The devil aye, aye, aye, aye, aye

Yes the devil, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye


So that after love

So that before death

We can fill with smoke rings

The sleeping pool of sky

To do it like Gainsbourg

To do it like Marlene

To look fate in the eye.

Oh my set routine.


My little sorceress

When I draw you in  me

My God what pleasure .

My adolescent girl

You’ll be the death of me

Tempting me as you do

Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye

Yes, you do tempt me so,

Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye


When I push you aside,

When Lent I observe,

Something starts to break

Something starts to fade

Softly the silk of

My soul starts to tear.

When I think it out,

When I turn the page  

Of your grey ashes

Of our nights, wild 'n free

I can feel my youth

Departing the shore.



Come on then little one

Love that’s pure poison,

Calm that’s deadly silent,

Sweetness that’s forbidden

We now have to part,

To forget each other,

To say our goodbyes


Ah my most trusted friend,

My nights of young student.

My brilliant chapel of rest,

My defeat that's burning.

I have to try to

Forget your very taste,

And your sweet torment.

 Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye

You do torment me.

Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye



  1. Pour après l’amour,  pour avant la mort -  In older films, a traditional scene is for the hero and heroine, in the peaceful moments after their first passionate lovemaking together, to share a cigarette.  More unusual for me is Carla Bruni’s recollection of smoking to relieve the stress of impending death and a further reference to this appears later in this song.


  2. Pour faire comme Gainsbourg – Serge Gainsbourg’s photos usually show him with a cigarette.


3)      Pour faire comme Marlène – Marlene Dietrich was the sophisticated temptress, whom one imagines with a cigarette, often in a long holder.


4)      A chapelle ardente -  is a chapel or room in which the corpse of a sovereign or other exalted personage lies in state pending the funeral.  It is usually pictured with candles massed around