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For those in search of a good background on Carla Bruni and her work, an excellent source is to be found on the French musical website RFI Musique at

On the RFI Musique site, text can be read in either French or English by clicking the appropriate button at the top of its homepage.



There were words in the RFI article of July 2008, prior to the issue of her third album, which summed up beautifully the essence of her music and I quote from them below:


Her very personal poetry - RFI Music writes –

“….. we find the same "me-myself-I" style of singing still firmly in place as Ms. Bruni delights in portraying herself in a variety of roles ranging from 'eternal romantic' and 'secret child' to 'playful lover' and 'moody melancholic'.”

The engaging features of her style - RFI Music writes –

“….Carla the 'chanteuse' manages to inject her songs with such irony, such sensitivity, such frankness and – OK, let's admit it – such disarming charm that her self-portrait is far more nuanced than the usual self-glorifying songs served up by contemporary pop divas.”

The wealth of musical skills invested in her music

Through her family genes Carla Bruni inherits a wealth of musical and artistic talent and on her recordings these are supplemented by the skills of some of the leading musicians on the European scene.

"Quelqu'un m'a dit" was the title song of Carla Bruni's first album that was recorded in 2002 and released in 2003.  Having given up her prestigious career as a top fashion model, Carla Bruni achieved instant success in her new chosen path,when this album went to number one in the French Album Chart.
 It remained in the top ten for thirty-four non-consecutive weeks. The album also reached the top ten in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and Chile.  Songs from this album have been used across the world for films, television programmes and commercials.


My normal format in my translation posts is to include a YouTube video of the song.  As this is a new album, there are unfortunately no videos available for many of the songs.  I have worked from a download of the eleven song album on MP3, which I bought on the Internet.   This is the order in which I translated and posted them, dealing first with those that already had a video available.  The number preceding each title is the song's position on the album.
2) Chez Keith et Anita - on my webpage: 

 1) J'arrive a toi - on my webpage:  


4) Mon Raymond - on my webpage:

3) Priere - on my webpage:

11) Le Pingouin - on my webpage:

 9) Little French Song - on my webpage:


5) Dolce Francia -on my webpage:


10) Liberté - on my website: 

7) Darling - on my webpage


8) La Valse Posthume- on my webpage: 

6) Pas Une Dame - on my webpage:



 Details of her fourth album.

Little French Songs has been recorded by Bénédicte Schmitt at Labomatic Studios in Paris.

The album features eight original compositions by Carla Bruni.

Album track, “Priere” was co-written by Carla and her longtime friend and collaborator Julien Clerc.

“Dolce Francia” is an Italian adaptation of Charles Trenet’s “Douce France” 

“Valse Posthume” has music by Chopin, with lyrics written by Carla Bruni.


Preview of her new album in The Times - March 16 2013


Carla Bruni’s new album was meant to mark her return to the artistic world in which she claims to feel most at home after four years as France’s First Lady.

Instead, it has kept her firmly in the political arena after lyrics about a discourteous penguin were interpreted as an attack on President Hollande.

Observers said that Le Pingouin was an attempt to settle her account with the man who ousted her husband Nicolas Sarkozy, last year. The claim embarrassed Mr Sarkozy’s allies, infuriated his opponents and eclipsed Bruni’s attempt to prove that she is, above all, une artiste.

The album, Little French Songs, also has a gushing tribute to Mr Sarkozy, whom she described in a magazine interview as virile, sweet and unique.

Bruni used the interview with Elle to underline her emergence from the artistic abstinence that she imposed on herself after marrying President Sarkozy, as he was then, in 2008. The 45-year-old former model is hoping to reclaim her place at the forefront of the French music scene when her fourth album is released on April 1.

First she will need to rise above politics. The song at the centre of controversy says: “He has little sovereign airs but, me, I know him, the penguin doesn’t have the manners of a lord of the manor ... Penguins are badly brought up.”

Alba Ventura, a political journalist at RTL radio, said that this was a dig at the Socialist president for his failure to accompany Mr Sarkozy out of the Elysée Palace during the handover last spring.

The former First Lady was said to be furious with Mr Hollande for standing on the steps of the palace as Mr Sarkozy walked to the vehicle that drove him from office.

A further lyric appears to underline Mr Hollande’s supposed ordinariness. “Neither ugly, nor beautiful, neither tall nor short, neither cold nor hot, the penguin, neither yes nor no.”

Mr Neither-Yes-Nor-No is one of the nicknames used by centre-right commentators to describe the indecisive leftwinger. The song also seems to mock Mr Hollande’s official portrait — a photograph in the gardens of the Élysée Palace — “Hold on, the penguin, you look all alone in your garden.”

Bruni is reported to have told friends that Le Pingouin was about Mr Hollande, but she has not said so publicly. In an interview with Le Nouvel Observateur, she said that it was a denunciation of “badly brought up and disagreeable people, who remain a mystery to me. When people speak to me badly I am dumbfounded, since I am both courteous and shy. Courtesy is a grace and I find no excuse for those who don’t have it.”

Thierry de Cabarrus, a political commentator, said that the song would provide endless conversation at Parisian dinner parties. “Some people are certain to take offence at what they will see ... as an insult to the head of state,” he said. “Personally, I find it legitimate because the hatred that opposed the two presidential candidates was sufficiently strong to leave deep marks with both the winner and the loser.”

Christian Jacob, head of the parliamentary group of the Union for a Popular Movement, Mr Sarkozy’s party, was embarrassed by the row. He said that it was “a bit of shortcut” to describe Mr Hollande as a penguin but added: “The rhymes are pretty and the song is well written.”

Bruni pays tribute to her husband in the track Mon Raymond, describing him as good-looking, complex and authoritative, “an atomic bomb ... he is the boss.” She told Elle: “He has a virile side to him which the song tries to describe. But he also has a sweetness ... he is absolutely unique.”


The people Carla Bruni has collaborated with 



Julien Clerc -


Carla Bruni talks about working with Julien Clerc in an interview with Bertrand Dicale


The songs you wrote for Julien Clerc's album last year were highly acclaimed…

Carla Bruni:
I wrote those songs based on the music Julien gave me and that makes a very big difference. The music he'd written was really rich, really powerful, the songs were already very fleshed out – all they needed was to be 'dressed' and that takes a little bit longer. There were some pieces I worked on for up to two weeks before getting it right. But nothing beats that feeling of finally getting there and understanding precisely what he meant!

The following video from "Daily Motion" shows Bruni and Julien Clerc singing “Qu’est-ce que tu crois”. 
NB The video on "Daily Motion" does not stop at the end of this song. A stream of videos follows - Bruni's own song Raphael and some other snippets of Carla Bruni facing standard media torment.

  Isn’t the music of the song the tuneful melody of  Hoagy Carmichael’s “I Get Along Without You Very Well” ( 1939)?


 Carla Bruni's years as a super-model

The multi-talented Carla Bruni was a top model in the 1990s.  The following videos illustrate this:
First we see her in 1996 , when she was 29 years of age:

YouTube Video

Not only has she got charm, shas a great sense of humour on Eurotrash
 Then we see her on Fashion TV

YouTube Video

YouTube Video