The Caring Guys Arts and Media Awards: A Place of Hope for Men's Friendships:

Finding role models of a positive masculinity
because the violence, isolation,
and senseless rivalries cannot disappear
without a replacement
This site is dedicated to improving the portrayals of men's friendships in the arts and media. Depictions of true brotherhood among males that do not involve the competitiveness or destructiveness of how men are often depicted together can be nominated for the Caring Guys Media Awards. Here are the categories: A) Empathy and Verbal Communication. B) Non-Competitiveness. C) No self-destructive, destructive of others, or risky behavior. D) Healthy boundaries between personal and business lives. E) Exploration of emotional topics. F) Celebrating together. G) Dealing with problems assertively rather than aggressively. Please note that these awards are only about men's friendships; and they are not about romantic, or marriage-like relationships.

    2006 runner-up

    2007 runner-up

Please feel free to send your nominations (with a category) to Barry at the Caring Guys e-mail address below. Nominations for 2009 can be for published books, songs, movies, stories, tv shows and commercials, plays, and musicals from any time in history. For now, movies and books and songs are easiest to find and evaluate; so nominations with those media are appreciated. Art, photos, and poetry are not included. Send nominations to: caringguys |@| The "|" symbols are for spam control.