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Solar Garage Heaters

solar garage heaters
    garage heaters
  • Garage heaters are an excellent product for combating cold garages and workshops during the winter months. Heating capacities provide warmth for a 1 car garage up to a 4+ car garage application. Separated combustion models provide heating for hard-to-heat applications.
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Old Water Heater Location
Old Water Heater Location
Here's where the water heater used to be located on the side of my house. After the torrential rains that we had this winter in California, the old metal shed for the water heater was totally trashed. The old water heater had also failed and was leaking all over the ground out here. We took out the old water heater then removed the toasted shed, enlarged the slab that was there for the old heater to accomodate the new heater. When we placed the new heater on the slab, we realized there was not enough room to build a proper shed on top of and so this was what we did to shelter the heater from the elements. I wasn't happy with how this turned out (not to mention eventually there will be concrete walkway here in order to get to the front door of the office and the shed will look incredibly tacky sitting right in the middle of it) and this is what prompted me to take matters into my own hands and relocate the water heater inside the garage.
IMG 2795
IMG 2795
hot water heater, softener and solar screens; stored in garage

solar garage heaters
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