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New Storage Heaters

new storage heaters
    storage heaters
  • An electric heater that accumulates heat in water or bricks during the night (when electricity is cheaper) and releases it during the day
  • (Storage heater) A storage heater is an electrical home appliance which stores thermal energy during the evening, or at night when base load electricity is available at lower cost, and releases the heat during the day as required.

Kitchen Storage
Kitchen Storage
When the cats were finished playing in them here's where the plastic bins went. Inspired by Lawatt's live-aboard boat I decided that this tiny little place is more like a boat's galley than a kitchen. Now I feel happier about having to improvise everything about it to make it workable. Even the great and fabulous fridge which a student gave me became aproblem because it is so large! But - it does have the most wonderful view, and now, at the top of the funny pipes on the wall a little hot water heater, just enough for washing dishes. All the new color helps too. I keep thinking of Sesame Street.
New Laundry Room
New Laundry Room
We used to have beige walls with to ugly white wire shelves, one which I could barely reach and the other I couldn't reach at all. Our washer started dying so Richard decided to get an uber eco washer dryer unit and we had a cabinet made to fit the unit and with plenty of storage space that I could actually use. Richard planned and designed all of this based on what I didn't like about how the laundry room was. We picked the color together, of course it looks different in the photo, but it is definitely orange!

new storage heaters
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