Car Heater Problems

car heater problems
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I hate this car. I mean, I like driving it, "in theory". In reality, the car is a POS and Assael MINI dealership has been nothing but shitty in addressing and "fixing" the problems. Everything up there that's been replaced was replaced while the car was under warranty. Except for the electrical. That they said that they "couldn't find the problem" even though, when we'd drive away, it would be there. I'm talking, the gas gauge reads wrong, the mpg reading has said 3.7 for 4 years, the lights in and around the car will just come on when they want and sometimes stay on for days. The radio will just change stations or turn off when it wants to, especially if the heater or A/C is running. And today, we just replaced our 4th battery.
Marlin tell you how to mount the rear of the heater, but leave the problem of the front mounting to the builder! Only one of the tags used in the Sierra can be re-used in the Cabrio - the one on the left sits under a void in the scuttle top moulding. And even the usable one is directly beneath the battery making a simple bolt fixing undesirable. I chose to make two new holes (visible in the foam at the front) into the lattice edge of the heater casing, and was able to nut and bolt this to the scuttle moulding quite easily.

car heater problems
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