Car Hauler Trucks For Sale

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car hauler trucks for sale
car hauler trucks for sale - Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels Tour Haulers KISS Vehicle
Hot Wheels Tour Haulers KISS Vehicle
Hot Wheels Tour Haulers Collection: Get ready to rock - and roll. These big rig haulers sport truck-size logos and album art from some of the biggest bands of classic rock. The billboard-like images celebrate iconic symbols of acts like AC/DC, Joan Jett, The Who and KISS. These superstar semis are sure to rock and roll quickly off shelves. Not for use with Hot Wheels sets. For the adult collector. Each sold separately, collect them all.

Features include:
Celebrating the biggest stars of classic rock
Billboard-like images with great detailing
Cab is detailed with the bands iconic logo
Die-cast metal cab is a great addition to any collection
A must have for the classic rock collector
Recommended Ages: 8-13+ years
Product Dimensions: 15.8 x 3.9 x 2.6 inches

Car Hauler
Car Hauler
Car hauler delivering BMW's in Beatty, Nevada for hot weather testing.
Racetruck Hauler 1
Racetruck Hauler 1
Another hauler for the racetrucks
car hauler trucks for sale
Little Tikes Handle Haulers Pop Haulers - Dump Truck
Little Tikes Handle Haulers Pop Haulers - Dump Truck
Little Tikes Celebrates every stage of childhood by making time-tested and parent trusted toys. We're committed to making quality, classic and durable toys that encourage learning and discovery through active, social and creative play. Little Tikes...Built for the way kids play!

Push the Pop Hauler forward with the big, chunky handle.
The Dump Truck's clear bed is filled with rocks.
Handles are soft and easy to grip for small hands.
Batteries are not required.

Recommended Ages: 3 years & up