License Plate Car Games for Kids

Oldies but goodies! 

License Plate Car Games for Kids

Car games for kids that involve license plates are a classic travel game and they are just as fun today as when we were children. My sisters and I used to play these games almost every day that we were on the road with my dad. Little did we know they were actually educational!

The State Game: Version 1

This is a great game that only requires a pad of paper and a pencil for each child. As you are driving, everyone tries to see the license plates on cars around them. The idea is to find one for every state. Set a time limit and the person with the longest list at the end is the winner. Oh, and each plate is only counted once, so it’s a first see, first get situation!

The State Game: Version 2

This version is similar to the one above, except that you gain points for each license plate. Again, each plate can only be counted once. Keep score on a notepad.

The Points:
Same State: 1 point
Adjoining State: 2 points
Any other State: 5 points
Another country: 20 points

The game ends when everyone is tired of playing, or you can have a time limit.

Make a Phrase

For this game, you need to focus on the letters in the license plates. You have to make a phrase that makes sense using those three letters as the first letters of each word. For example, if the license plate says KIS, you could say something like:

“Karen, I’m Sick.”
“Kitchens In Seconds.”
“Kyle Is Silly”

This game isn’t really competitive, it’s just a lot of fun and it will really get the giggles going as you search for funny phrases that start with X!

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