430days since
Election Day


 Working for Vienna, VA to further its vibrant community spirit


It has been a true honor to have been elected to represent the citizens of Vienna as a member of your Town Council. 


Maintaining the delicate balance between preserving the small town community and fostering purposeful growth, so that the future needs of Vienna's citizens and businesses are met, is my main priority. 


It is important to monitor and react appropriately to encircling development, in particular, along the Silver and Orange Metro lines. I am pleased of recent progress as the Town, citizens and businesses collaborate with consultants to update our anchoring "Vision" for Maple Avenue. 


Working closely with the new Vienna Business Association, I support community businesses continuing to thrive through mutual benefit with the Town and its citizens.  Look for the VBA Newsletter and "GoLocal" for more efficient ways to connect with these businesses.


Providing safer, environmentally friendly and more convenient connections for citizens is a primary concern. Prioritizing  necessary infrastructure improvements such as water & sewer, drainage, bike routes, sidewalks & roads at value is imperative.  Many of these initiatives are seen in Capital Improvement Projects.  Last year, the Town took advantage of substantial savings, utilizing grant and matching funds, ultimately saving taxpayer money, coupled with historically low interest rate by maintaining our AAA bond ratings.  Financing these required improvement projects by spreading over a period of many years, rather than charging the full one-time cost to today’s taxpayers, will ensure stable new citizen and business growth in our Town to continue over time.  This year, effective management of our budget yields a projected FY 2013-14 lower real estate tax rate.


Constant two way communication will pull Vienna to the forefront.  Most especially, I thank everyone for working together to share time, talents and treasures, especially those who continue to serve on Town Boards, Commissions and Committees.  I appreciate the time and effort that is offered, as I had the pleasure of appointments to Planning Commissioner (2009-11) and currently serve as the Chairperson of the historic district’s Windover Heights Board of Review (from 2006 and on the board since 2003). I have witnessed daily the cooperation of government, businesses, organizations and individual citizens of all ages to be good stewards of Vienna's community resources.


Amazingly over twelve years ago, we arrived as a young, U.S. Naval military family assigned to the Vienna area, we were immediately and warmly welcomed to the Town of Vienna by its residents. And now, as our children are looking toward college, by choice, we are proud to claim Vienna as our permanent home and we find it a pleasure to welcome others to the Town.


I again ask your confidence and vote on May 7th for working together, so Vienna continues to become a better place to live. 


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