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Reviews are a valuable part of your marketing package, so you should make certain you are getting the best review possible.  You can impose on your friends or go to a review site that may assign a reviewer who does not like the type of story you write.  Now, you can take a chance that a reviewer will like your work or you can come to Foxpaw.  Here at Foxpaw we believe if an editor bought your manuscript with the intent to publish, your story is worth a positive review.  It is our job to present you in the most flattering manner.  We will find the core of your story and bring it to the forefront.  That is not to say you will always get a stellar review, but you will NEVER get a damning one.  You will not be getting a paid review.  You are paying for my abliity to find the best in each story.


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  2.  Two reviews per year
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Sample Reviews:

Donavan's Dream by Donna Parker

A Truly fanciful tale, or is it?  This tale is so well written if you don't at least half believe your soul is slightly damaged.  What an extraodinary way of presenting a view most don't believe.  The author's presentation of characters is enchanting.  You want with all your heart and soul to see the culmination of their trials.  The history is presented in a way that is tried and true of back flashes, but they are so intergal to the story you feel that you are right there with the principals.

Ms. Parker has chosen names for her characters that make you think you might have known them when  you were younger.  Alyssa is the heroine, Clem is a youg lady, Gabe a young man (our Hero) and Seraphina a woman who settled for the wrong man.

The Line between the reality and the [fantasy] might be true, so fine, it is criss-crossed many times.  The fact that most of the characters are Irish, in my mind at least, makes the tale all the more fey.  If you truly appreciate a flight of fancy, them you must take the trip with Donna Parker as your guide.  I can't remember when I've enjoyed a read as much as this. Truly enchanting.  I look forward to reading many more of this author's books.

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The Year I Lost My Mind

By Linda Rettstatt

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Estranged from her mother and emotionally distanced from her husband, Beth needs to find…..herself.  She has everything; a husband who loves her, a beautiful home, her own thriving business, but something is lacking, something she desperately needs… to find what will fill the core of her soul.  Though this is not a sad tale, Ms. Rettstatt steals in and pierces your callous covered feelings and gives you and understanding of what you hid from yourself.  You will shed tears from your own revelation.

            Beth finds a long hidden talent, painting, that frees her to soar.  The readers become Beth and find their own wings.

           If you read nothing else this month you MUST read The Year I Lost My Mind.  Tolstoy can wait, this cannot.  On a scale of 1-5 this rates a 7.




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