The Exhibit Closes Friday, 18 November 2011

In honor of William Carey's 250th birthday, we're putting together an art exhibit. We are hoping to have 250 pieces of artwork, all inspired by the accomplishments and career of the man known as the "father of modern missions." Artists are asked to create work related to themes from the life of William Carey.

The artwork is in the Lucile Parker Gallery on the Hattiesburg campus of William Carey University. We have logged in 125 works of art! This is fewer than the 250 works we targeted, but the variety and quality of the work is stunning.

Images from the Carey 250 Art Exhibit can be seen here:

The participating artists:
Nancy Barnard  Bethany Bell  Lynzie Blackburn  Megan Bourne  Trevor Burch
Anna Breland  Robert Brooks  Gerald A. Bryant  Cecily Cummings  Read Diket
Rachel Dison  Rebecca Gerardine  Paul Goggin  Gail Hendrickson
Fred Hutchings  Karen R. Juneau  Chatham Meade Kemp  Chantel Kennedy
Sadako Lewis  Jorge Lovato  Dean Mattina  Richard Miller  Brett Nicholas
Patricia Nicholas  Lauren Palmisano  Nichole Powe  Katie Riley  Judy Rosenkrans
Sarah Scott  Rachel Sheckart  Mandy Smith  Pattie Stedman  Gerrie Schon  Katy Scott
Iris Watson  Ashley Warr  Milton Williams  Tracy Williams  Bill Wilson