Smiling Snowman Cookie Stacks (directions)

Directions for Smiling Snowman Cookies

Day 1 (Thursday):

  1. Prepare and roll out Sugar Cookie dough. Cut out 8 circles for each Smiling Snowman. (2-tiny 1.5” , 2-small 2”, 2-medium 2.5”, 2-large 3”)Exact size of circles is not important. The circles just need to get progressively larger.
  2. Bake cookies. Cool completely before storing or moving on to the next step.


Day 2 (Friday):

  1. Prepare icing to a thick but spreadable consistency. Spoon icing into 1 or 2 (whichever you find easier to handle) plastic bags or icing bags. If using a plastic bag, cut off a small piece of the bottom corner. If using an icing bag, cut off a small piece of the tip.
  2. To ice all of the cookies, squirt a small amount of icing onto each cookie and spread to the edges with a knife, spoon, or icing spatula. Icing should be spread thin but even. The centers of the cookies will not show on the finished snowmen but an even surface is important for assembly.  Allow the icing to set for at least an hour.
  3. For each snowman, assemble 2 pyramids of cookies icing side up (large-medium-small-tiny), by squirting a blob of icing glue in the center of each cookie and placing the next smaller cookie on top. For sturdiness and ease of handling, allow to completely set overnight. Refrigerate left over icing bag(s).
  4. Prepare fondant, wrap in plastic wrap, and refrigerate overnight.

Day 3 (Saturday):

  1. Remove fondant and icing from the refrigerator and warm to room temperature.
  2. To assemble the body for each snowman, glue together the 2 pyramids of cookie circles by sandwiching icing between the 2 largest circles. Squeeze a blob (approximately 2 teaspoons) of icing in the center of one of the largest cookie circles and gently press the other large circle on top. (You should now have a pile of 8 cookies, tiny-small-medium-large-large-medium-small-tiny.) Gently hold the cookies together for 20-30 seconds to ensure nothing moves.
  3. Refrigerate left over icing.
  4.  Use the fondant just like playdough. Pinch off the desired amount and roll into a ball. Mine were a little smaller than a golf ball. Immediately insert eyes (sprinkle pearls) and nose (chocolate sunflower seeds). Using the tip of a spoon (I used a ¼ measuring teaspoon) make an indentation for the mouth. Place smiling heads on wax paper to firm overnight. Trying to work with the fondant heads before they are firm will result in lumpy snowman heads.
  5. Color the left over fondant to use for decorating (earmuffs, scarves, etc.). Divide the left over fondant depending on how many colors you want to make. To color,  knead the fondant with 2-3 drops of food coloring gel until color is uniform. (Wash hands immediately after each color to remove the majority of the food coloring.) Refrigerate each color of fondant in separate in ziplock bags.

Day 4 (Sunday):

  1.   Bring colored fondant and icing to room temperature.
  2. Using icing, glue the heads onto the cookie pile bodies. Wait at least 2 hours before decorating to allow the heads to attach firmly.
  3.  Pinch and roll the colored fondant to create tiny scarves and ear muffs. Attach the decorations with tiny amounts of icing glue. I used a toothpick to apply tiny dots of icing to the decorations before gently pressing them onto the snowmen. Allow to air dry overnight before packaging.

Day 5 (Monday):

  1. Package each snowman individually in plastic goodie bags.
  2. For mailing, make plastic cup “space capsules”: I used 1- large colored plastic cup (16 oz.), 1- small clear plastic cup (5 oz.), and tissue paper. Insert a crumpled sheet of tissue paper into the large cup so that the bottom of the snowman will be resting on the tissue paper as far into the cup as it fits without pushing. Use about a ¼ sheet of tissue paper twisted into a “collar” to place around the inside rim of the cup to provide cushioning between the snowman and the cup. Gently place an inverted small clear cup on top, fitting into the large cup. Test to make sure the snowman isn’t moving at all before taping the two cups together.  
  3. Send Smiling Snowmen off into the world to spread peace, joy, and happiness!

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