Carefree Of Colorado Awning Replacement Parts

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  • Several types of parts may be used when your vehicle is repaired: new parts, both original equipment manufacturer and after-market; and recycled parts. New or after-market parts will be used if we can't find like-kind and quality recycled parts.
  • As part of the Services, Seller will provide, free of charge, replacement parts for any defective or damaged parts due to defects in materials and workmanship.
  • (Replacement part) A spare part, service part, or spare, is an item of inventory that is used for the repair or replacement of failed parts. Spare parts are an important feature of logistics management and supply chain management, often comprising dedicated spare parts management systems.
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carefree of colorado awning replacement parts
carefree of colorado awning replacement parts - RV Vinyl
RV Vinyl Awning Fabric Motorhome & Trailer Replacement Canopy Fabric- 18' Ocean Blue
RV Vinyl Awning Fabric Motorhome & Trailer Replacement Canopy Fabric- 18' Ocean Blue
18? OCEAN BLUE 17.2? actual fabric width. 2-piece fabric construction Valance is separate from the main canopy to fit both Carefree and Dometic/A&E roller assemblies. Unlike the other brands single piece canopy, Carefrees canopy is welded to a protective Weatherguard wrap that protects the canopy when its rolled up. Heavy duty fabric Comes with white Weatherguard for long life and great looks. It looks better and lasts longer. Universal canopies include (1) 1/4" & (2) 3/16" Polycords. Examples: 21' center to center = 20' 2" fabric 20' center to center = 19' 2" fabric 19' center to center = 18' 2" fabric 18' center to center = 17' 2" fabric 17' center to center = 16' 2" fabric 16' center to center = 15' 2" fabric 15' center to center = 14' 2" fabric 14' center to center = 13' 2" fabric So if you ordered a 16' fabric your fabric will arrive actually measuring 15' 2".

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