Why CareerWise?

What is unique about CareerWise that causes employment success with homeless clients and generosity by the community?

CareerWise services are...

Other career services are...
Free to homeless clients
Trained volunteers provide the services for free.
Homeless clients often need exceptionally effective career development. Traditional services are unaffordable.

Where homeless people are
CareerWise goes to shelters, parks, agencies, libraries, and wi-fi cafes near homeless clients.
This minimizes such obstacles as transportation, childcare, and self-esteem issues.
Difficult to reach
Homeless people often lack bus fare, a phone, a car, childcare, and courage to make a trip somewhere for career help.
Customized to the client's needs
Reasons for homelessness vary widely as do levels of job preparedness.

For example, one client may have never worked outside the home for pay. Another may have great experience, but must overcome a felony background.

CareerWise service providers work one-to-one, starting where the client needs to start.
Due to cost, what little training there is, is often:
  • In a classroom (of students with highly varied levels of experience and situations)
  • Self-help style
  • Rushed, because counselors are overwhelmed
A client who may have minimal writing skills, for example, is placed in front of a computer (with a one-hour limit) and left to do the best he or she can.

Shelters and agencies that support homeless and impoverished people request CareerWise services.

Volunteers give of their limited free time to CareerWise homeless clients.

Interns often stay on as Volunteers after their Internships are over.

Donors invest in community by supporting CareerWise operations.