Career Counseling

High School students are often asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" or "What are you going to do after graduation?"  These are great questions, but students don't always have all the information they need to make good career choices.  Sometimes they have too much information (from parents, peers, and the media), and it becomes overwhelming.  A critical part of the career counseling process is helping students separate the important information from the useless information.  The process we use at the CSC can be summarized as "first look inward, then look outward." 
Looking inward means learning about yourself; your strengths, gifts, and talents; your passions and interests; your values and beliefs; and your lifestyle goals.  This information, which we call The Core Four, gives you the tools you need to evaluate different career options and decide if they are a good fit for you. 
Looking outward means researching possible career areas that align with your Core Four, then researching companies that hire in those career areas, then researching specific jobs at those companies, and finally speaking with people who actually do those jobs.  Along the way, you will cross some careers off your list, and discover other careers that you didn't even know existed!
To get started, click a link to The Core Four.