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"Your best shot at happiness, self-worth and personal satisfaction
- the things that constitute real success -
is not in earning as much as you can
but in performing as well as you can
something that you consider worthwhile."
-William Raspberry

Welcome to the Career Support Center at the Richard W. Creteau Regional Technology Center at Spaulding High School in Rochester, NH!
Here you can find information, links, and files that you can use for career exploration, planning, and development.

Visit our CTE to College Degree! site for 2-year Associates Degree and certificate options.

Our site is divided into two main sections: Career Counseling and Extended Learning Opportunities.
Career Counseling has information and tools to help you learn about yourself (The Core Four), research possible careers, and create an inspiring post-graduation career plan.
Extended Learning Opportunities has information and tools to help students with practical employment issues (resumes and interviewing) and gaining experience and competence in career or academic areas in which students wish to gain knowledge and skills (job shadows, internships, cooperative education, work experience, independent study, community service).
Mrs. Courtney Ritchings                                    
ELO Coordinator                                                                                               
603-332-0757 ext. 2152