Career Services Technology Meeting          
dedicated to connecting Career Services professionals who specialize in social media and technology

The Career Services Technology Meeting is an opportunity to come together to discuss technology and social media within career services, and learn from each other. 

    These meetings are not a conference. They are a meeting of the minds, an open forum to bring together those who manage and use communications and technology in career services. It is an opportunity where select participants will present and share a favorite or new tool, or a best practice. 

    Participants leverage the collective experience of all attendees who are:

    • Comfortable contributing to discussions about the
      latest trends in communications and technology
    • Interested in exploring innovative and creative
      approaches to career center communications
    • Savvy with social media
    Space is typically limited to 50 schools with 1-2 representative(s) from the career center who are responsible for communications and/or technology.

    Please note that the planning for the 2018 Career Services Technology Meeting is in progress. Registration is now open! More information will be provided at our new website: www.cstmconference.com

    Baruch College, Starr Career Development Center will host the 2018 Career Services Technology Meeting on Thursday, January 11 and Friday, January 12, 2018 in NYC. We hope that you'll be able join us, and enjoy the variety of tools and best practices we have gathered here!

    Please explore the site to information about the past CSTM events to get a better sense of what the event is all about and who has attended in the past!

    *Note that registration for #CSTM2018 will be available starting Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 12pm EST.