Dairy Cattle Artificial Inseminator

Educational Requirements
In order to get a job opportunity in artificial insemination you need a high school diploma. However if you would like to further your technique and skills in the trade, attending a university or college is encouraged. If you have an Associates Degree in Dairy Production and Management you would be able to get a job in this field, however you can also get a Bachelors degree in Science or Technology in Dairy.
Work Experience
Most artificial inseminators have a dairy background, meaning they either grew up on a dairy cattle farm, or have worked on one in the past. However the main experience that you need in order to be a successful inseminator is training. You must have participated in an AI (Artificial Inseminator) course either offered by a College or University or by a Semen Sales Company, such as Semex, Select Sires, Alta Genetics, or ABS Global.
Starting Salary
Your salary in this career field is unlike most other professions, this job is paid based on the number of cattle you breed. The price on each cow is different, however the average price per cow is $30 to $60 dollars, based on the price of the straw of semen as well as the commute for the inseminator to come to your farm.
Salary After Two Years of Employment
Once again, the salary you earn is not based on experience or hours worked, it is based on the number of cattle you inseminate. Therefore the salary you earn is fixed, see explanation above.
Retirement and Employee Benefit Package
The amount of pay you receive is based on the number of cattle you breed, therefore your money doesn't go into a retirement package, you must take initiative and create your own retirement fund. However, in some instances you may work for an Artificial Insemination company, this company may pay you also based on number of cows inseminated and therefore give you a benefits package. This varies directly with your own personal situation and you  must plan accordingly. 
Major Job Duties
The Major duties of this job is to have clients, these clients are farmers who have dairy cattle. These clients will call you, the Dairy Cattle Artificial Inseminator, if one or more of their cattle is showing estrus. You will than travel to their farm and artificially inseminate that animal. The intention of this practice is to get dairy cattle bred with a calf, you want proper inplementation of the semen to yield results.
Opportunities for Advancement
One of the major opportunities for advancement is if you become a part of an artificial insemination company, such as Semex or ABS Global, you may be promoted into a higher executive position. This increases pay, however you may not be as active artificial inseminator, you may be managing rather than doing the actual technical part of insemination. You may also become a part of these companies distributers, or better known as semen salesman.
Other Job Opportunities
There is always a job opportunity in this career field, cattle will continue to be present in our world, and in order to reproduce they need to become pregnant. This career field is a very popular one in the dairy industry, generally with the ability to artificially inseminate, you will be able to work on large dariy farms as well as small farms. You are also a representative, therefore you can partake in any other sales position available because you have the experience.
Why Am I Interested?
This is one of the jobs that is rather interesting, if you can breed cattle, you will always have a career opportunity. This is very important to know in our world, if you cant find a potential career field than you should go with it. Not to mention that we both like cattle, and the ability to work with such would be very satisfactual.
Can I see myself doing this Job?
I can indeed see myself doing this job, currently I have not taken an Artificial Insemination class, however in the upcoming semesters I will be taking part in the class. It will be very interesting to get into the program and see how it progresses.