Turn On The Red Lights

Experiências para TIC II 

The Wooden Door

She stands on the other side of the door. She can hear me, I know she can. I can hear her breathing. It’s fast, almost like she’s running out of air. Breathless. I worry, even when we’re like this I worry. I always worry. She’s got heart problems, sometimes it just starts beating too fast ‘for no particular reason’, she says, but I know better. Most of the times it’s because of something she drinks, mixed drinks that she pours into her glass over and over when her heart or her mind are misplaced. Other times it’s because she’s worried, nervous, sad. She coughs, it startles me. I can hear footsteps now, her footsteps. Back and forth, back and forth, and she stops. I move quietly towards the door, put my hands on the door. It feels cold and my hands are always so warm. I hear a noise. Her back is against the door and I glue my left ear to it, I need to listen. She’s crying and I feel her body sliding down the wooden door, to the floor. Seats. ‘Alice!’ I call her. No answer. ‘Alice!’ No answer. ‘Alice! Open this door!’ No answer. I bang the door, kick the door, smack it around some more. No answer. ‘Alice, if you don’t open this door right away I will tear it down myself. Do you hear me?’ She hears, but she looks the other way. She doesn’t care. ‘I will give you five seconds.’ I back away and start counting ‘One, two, three…’ The door opens and there she is standing, naked. Her curvy lines, moisty cheeks and bony thighs right there unfolding me. There’s a light shining through her blond hair, the hallway light bringing out her blond highlights. She looks dazzling beautiful. ‘Is this what you want?! Is it?!’ She creams. I say nothing. ‘Answer me damn it!’ I remain quiet, still. ‘Fuck you! You don’t even know what you want!’ ‘I want…’ I pause. Frozen. ‘What? You want what?!’ She asks, impatiently. ‘I want…’ Frozen again. ‘I want…’ Her eyes are so wet, so red, so blue. She closes the door. ‘… your heart.

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