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I have been building sets and player collections since the late 70's.  I stopped collecting around 1985, and resumed in late 2003.  I'm working my way back through the 60's and 70's sets and filling in the gaps .  I've also continued the many 70's/80's player collections I had before, plus I added a few new ones.  I collect Washington Redskins cards from every era, and have more old than new.

I don't buy many wax boxes except for the one or two current or recent sets I've started or if I find an interesting set from a few years ago, and those are usually on the lower end.  I don't have a lot of GU/Autos except for one football player, and I don't buy boxes just for the Joe Collector Mojo hits.  Rookie cards aren't that important to me, especially no-name prospects.  I don't generally do newer Bowman sets because they're too hard to identify.  I will never be interested in modern graded cards of any kind and don't believe in their inflated value.  Grading has its use for sight unseen purchasing of high value items, but I think grade 9 or 10 cards should only be worth high raw book value, not several times that value.

I am a member of Trading Bases and occasionally make trades on Sports Card Forum (when people answer).  I have a very outdated (and slow) photobucket site at:


#1 - 2011 Topps Prime 9 - Week 7 redemption card

Already have the Mantle that
this brings.  Need the card as pictured.

 #2 - 2004 UD Timeless Teams Bill Freehan #73

Gremlin attack for one of my favorite sets of all time.  Found I was still lacking
these two after I thought I had the whole thing done.  Update: Thanks Stuart for setting the Goose loose!

#3 - 2009 Topps Mayo #287 Brett Favre (SP) and 2003 Pros & Prospects #33
Mayo is set killer short print.  That and the Dolphin Namesake mini.
The P&P is the last base for that short set.  Favre is the last in many sets....

#4 - 2013 Topps Update Golden Moments Trout &'87 mini Cespedes


Set killer for 2013 Topps Update base and the select few
insert sets that I did, which isn't many. 

#5 - 2014 Topps Valor #183 Teddy Bridgewater RC


Sole survivor for a set that at this point is a hybrid of retail
and hobby cards because they had the gall to make them different
thicknesses and not much different otherwise.

#6 - 2014 Topps SaberStars #SST-17 Jacoby Ellsbury

Set killer for the whole 2014 Topps set. Thought I had
these done on multiple occasions. 

#7 - 2012 Score #335 Jared Crick RC

This one completes the master set of '13 Score along with two inserts.
Non-glossy version, please!

#8 - 2008-09 O-Pee-Chee #648 Georges Laraque

The closest I am to completing a hockey master set (no GU or autos).  And my favorite
hockey set besides 02/03 Pacific Private Stock Reserve.  Now down to one thanks to Mark Zentkovich!

 #9 - 2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes of Spaceflight #HSF-8 Gemini IV

Gremlin attack on one of my favorite non-sports insert sets.  The pioneer
group for my informal Moon Landing / Space Exploration collection.  Thought
I got the last two for the set, but already had one, and was still missing this one. 
My pinpoint accurate list tracking at work again!

#10 - 2015 Leaf Heroes Jim Palmer #29 & Musial Milestones #19 

Set killer for the commemorative Musial set and its one insert set.

#11 - 1976 SSPC Ryan/Hunter Checklist #593 (corrected version)

Luckily, I took care of the error version early, so this
one makes killing the set a bit easier.

#12 - 1994 Skybox Star Trek Master Series II #1 - Gowron

Found my last 1991 Impel, so this is it.
First time I've had non-sports on the Priorities page.