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Welcome to my want list site.  All lists are WANT lists unless noted by HAVEI put all the HAVE lists completely in purple so they stand out.

Listings in RED are incoming from trade or purchase.

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I have been building sets and player collections since the late 70's.  I stopped collecting around 1985, and resumed in late 2003.  I'm working my way back through the 60's and 70's sets and filling in the gaps .  I've also continued the many 70's/80's player collections I had before, plus I added a few new ones.  I collect Washington Redskins cards from every era, and have more old than new.

I don't buy many wax boxes except for the one or two current or recent sets I've started or if I find an interesting set from a few years ago, and those are usually on the lower end.  I don't have a lot of GU/Autos except for one football player, and I don't buy boxes just for the Joe Collector Mojo hits.  Rookie cards aren't that important to me, especially no-name prospects.  I don't generally do newer Bowman sets because they're too hard to identify.  I will never be interested in modern graded cards of any kind and don't believe in their inflated value.  Grading has its use for sight unseen purchasing of high value items, but I think grade 9 or 10 cards should only be worth high raw book value, not several times that value.

I am a member of Trading Bases and occasionally make trades on Sports Card Forum (when people answer).  I have deleted my Photobucket page since that service is now overrun with ads.


#1 - 2011 Topps Prime 9 - Week 7 redemption card

Already have the Mantle that
this brings.  Need the card as pictured.

#2 - 2002 Topps #365 Barry Bonds Race to 70

I've never actually seen one of these.  There are apparently 73 of them
denoting each of Bonds' homers.  I really only need one and don't care which one I get. 
There is also a Limited Edition version which I don't need or know how they came.

 #3 - 2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes of Spaceflight #HSF-8 Gemini IV

Gremlin attack on one of my favorite non-sports insert sets.  The pioneer
group for my informal Moon Landing / Space Exploration collection.  Thought
I got the last two for the set, but already had one, and was still missing this one. 
My pinpoint accurate list tracking at work again!

 #4 -2001 Topps Combos #TC-12 60-HR Club 

 Incoming from Michigan!  This is the last remaining set killer for 2001 Topps,
which is remarkablebecause I got both the Ichiro and Pujols rookies before this one. 
These areanother original concept that Topps
has completely forgotton about
that could inject some creativity into their flagship inserts.

 #5 - 2009 Mayo #287 Brett Favre


Mayo is set killer short print.  That and the Dolphin Namesake mini.
Favre is the last in many sets....

#6 - 2003 UD Yankee Signature Series #56 Tiant & #61 Torrez


Set killers for this little Yankees set.  Torrez regular base card
must be scarce.  I had to mock it up because I couldn't find an image online.
So this is a close approximation to what the Torrez looks like.

 #7 - 2016 Topps Fire insert #4 Mike Trout

Kept skipping over these at shows, and then had them
in hand cheap and still missed out.  As much luck as I've had
lately pulling Trout inserts, this is not one of them.

 #8 - 2012 Score #335 Jared Crick RC

Also incoming from Michigan!  This one completes the master set of '13 Score
along with two inserts.  Non-glossy version, please!


#9 - 2016 Topps Bunt Light Force #9 Gooden
& Program #14 Kiermaier 

Set killers for the first year of BUNT.  Some of the nicest inserts put out that year.

 #10 - 2000 Topps Traded #T40 Miguel Cabrera RC

Typical set killers ~ the big rookie.  At least its not Jeter or Mike Trout.
Picked up Izturis at Chantilly.

 #11 - 2002-03 Pacific McDonald's Salt Lake Gold #1  -
Martin Brodeur / Curtis Joseph / Ed Belfour CL

Last insert for the McDonalds 2003 Canadian Hockey team members.
There are other insert sets that go along with these, but this is the only one
that I'm down to singles on.

#12 - 1995 Skybox E-Motion #8 Ripken #103 Justice

The last two for a set that I pretty much got in one shot.  These will look neat in a binder.