The new map is now done! Find it here!


Forgot to mention here that I've been lately worked on doing some actual conworlding, mostly on the map, geography, climates and other such fundamentalities.

I've also put up a new blog for all my conworlding and writing stuff at, where you can find updates and musings on the aspects of conworlding that I like to concentrate on.

05.10.2008 Some updates

I have a clear idea of what I want to do next in Ysi. It's the continuation of King of Nowhere, set immediately after the events of that story. It is called Tenderbox. But, after summer and uni starting again, I've gotten into a rut, been distracted by other projects and have just stopped moving, even with this four-day weekend I have at the moment, so we'll see if anything happens. I might concentrate on Lethe or the prose version of Three Hearts and One.

I do have some stuff done for Tenderbox, from the end of summer, but that's going to be scrapped and redone most probably.

04.07.2008 Numerals

A small page describing the numeral system used over the whole Western Continent, [here].

29.06.2008 Map-making tutorial, version two

I've created a new version of my old map-making tutorial, mostly based on my experiences with making the map for Ysi.

It can be found [here].

27.06.2008 I'll just put this here

This summer I set out to myself a small project. So I wrote a short fantasy novel. Hurrah for me! Well done, that man. Give him a medal, or something shiny.

These webpages are here to just show whatever con-worlding notes I might wish to present to the world, much like my older Steamopera pages.

The story is also online. Please enjoy.