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Welcome to the portfolio activity for EDC 490 and 580--School and Society. A licensure portfolio is meant to enable the faculty and staff of the Augsburg University Education Department to assess your readiness for admission to student teaching, fulfillment of the K-12 teaching licensure standards, to assist you in finding a job and to successfully achieve tenure once in that job. (Note: The blue text you find on these pages are instructions and should be deleted as you customize your portfolio site. These instructions may also be found on the Learning Portfolio Preparation Guide.)

Faculty and staff within the education department use this information to determine your attainment of the standards described in the Minnesota Standards of Effective Practice (MSEP, as stated in Minnesota Statues 8710.2000).

An effective licensure portfolio demonstrates your attainment of the MSEP. A well-documented licensure portfolio does not guarantee a successful administrative decision or landing a job, but rather helps you clarify in your own mind and demonstrate to others your best case with respect to the state-mandated criteria for the practice of beginning teachers.

All of the items listed in this portfolio were taught and documented in the Augsburg licensure course sequence. (See individual course syllabi for further information.) For this course, your portfolio is an edited collection of these artifacts, carefully selected to reflect the summative accumulation of knowledge, skills, and attitudes in order to demonstrate you are ready to student teach.

The starting point for the contents of a licensure portfolio should be the MSEP. A thorough review of the MSEP is essential for the portfolio developer. (A link to the full text of the MSEP is provided above.) It is important for you to recognize all relevant factors making up a given decision at a particular point in time and tailor your comments to these goals. In other words, the portfolio must address a particular audience, and reflect an appreciation for the purposes of that audience which may change over time.

The principal categories laid out in this template are seen as essential elements of a licensure portfolio. Within each primary category, some suggestions are made with respect to content and quality.

After you have completed student teaching, you should consider adding additional reviews, evaluations and documentation to your portfolio. This may include the materials you developed as part of your edTPA assessment.

What do I put on my Home Page? On this page you should introduce yourself, the theme(s) of your portfolio, and orient the reader to how you intend to "state your case." This is also where you might put contact information and personal pictures of you desire. This may also include evidence of keeping current regarding pedagogical methods, ongoing scholarly activities, reflection on and working to develop teaching competence, attending professional meetings, and holding membership in professional societies.

Note: The blue text you see on these pages should be deleted and your own words and evidence inserted. (These instructions are also found on our course moodle site.) Feel free to change the color and font to fit your tastes and the goals of your portfolio.)