Jeffrey Kwong
Academic Administrator, Silicon Valley Flex Academy/Flex Public Schools

Executive Director, Asian America Foundation
Executive Director, STEM Schools Alliance
K-8 School Principal, Archdiocese of San Francisco, CA
Founder, San Dieguito Union HS District Chinese Language Program, CA
Teacher, Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, MA
Head Teaching Fellow/TA, UCSD Graduate School of International Relations (IR/PS) 
Head Teaching Fellow/TA, Political Science and Roosevelt College, UCSD

PhD ABD in Political Science/International Security,  UCSD
MA in Political Science/International Security, UCSD '11
Teacher Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education '09
BA in Government and Minor in Korean, Harvard College '09

I am a PhD student in Political Science at UCSD studying security and Chinese Politics, with a secondary interest in American Politics. My current research question looks at the microfoundations of audience costs and how we can learn from the current negotiations over the militarization and the threat of conflict in cyberspace. Specifically, I am focused on China, Republic of Korea, Japan, Russia, and the United States, the cataloging of cyber attacks, and the prospects for global governance in cyberspace. 

With the Cyberdefense Team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, I have worked on protocols and issues in cyber experimentation and cyber attacks on nuclear facilities.  At the Institute of Global Conflict and Cooperation, I  am the researcher and methodologist for the Defense Transparency Project, the main research effort of the Track II Dialogues of the Six Party Talks