Cardinal Residents' Association

Who is the CRA?

The Cardinal Residents’ Association [CRA] is a Non-Profit Organization established for the benefit of maintaining the Cardinal Communities it serves. Today, the CRA consists of the residents east of Fleming from the Cardinal Swim and Tennis Club South to Pondfield, a portion of the Pondfield residents, and West of Fleming including all of Sagamore and continuing on Muirfield to Highview Rd. where the Cardinal by Pete Dye Golf Course meets Muirfield Rd.

Cardinal Residents Community

If you are in the Cardinal area, please join our online group at Participation is free. Please sign up today at: and start participating in the ongoing discussions!

CRA Responsibilities

The CRA maintains the Gate House on Fleming/Muirfield and it's surrounding areas. You may be interested to know that the Gatehouse land is a deeded property owned by the CRA. In the very recent past the CRA replaced the roof and later the double doors and several windows on the Gatehouse as part of its upkeep. Also, the CRA mows, picks up and maintains the ~1 mile of grass and holly bushes on Fleming Rd from approximately Mexico Restaurant to Pondfield. The grass is cut appropriate to the growing pace and the holly bushes are trimmed 2X per year. The CRA also maintains multiple cul-de-sacs.

Cardinal Area HOA’s

There are several homeowner's associations in the Cardinal area. Among them are River Hills, Prestwick, Cardinal Manor and a few others. These HOA's differ from the CRA in that the developer included a responsibility to pay HOA dues in the deeds of each and every property.

The homes comprising the CRA were the very first constructed within the Cardinal area. For unknown reasons, the developer of the CRA did not include HOA dues' responsibility in the deeds. The CRA therefore depends on the goodwill and generosity of its neighbors in the CRA to maintain and preserve our property values.

While some of the Cardinal HOA's require as much as $35/month in mandatory dues, the CRA suggests its Residents pay a minimum of $10/month.

Our Limitations

There are many things we could do with the additional revenue if all CRA neighbors would support their own community. More importantly, there are things we should do that we cannot get done because the funds collected are insufficient to pay for the work. One needed task is financial provisioning for the health and eventual removal of the giant oak tree that stands over the Gatehouse.