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PSG Meeting Minutes

Cardinal Elementary Parent Support Group


Thursday, March 1, 2012

The meeting was called to order by Shannon Nicholson at 6:08 p.m in the school cafeteria

In attendance:

Board: Shannon Nicholson, Laura Thompson, Christa Nierzwick; Staff: Davin Harpe, Jennifer Laughlin, Renee Cook; Parents: Sherri Koczan, Jessica Dicus, Jen Regazzi, Kelly Marshall; Paragon Promotions rep: Christine McNeely

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes from Feb 2, 2012 are available on the PSG website.

Administrator Report:

Principal Harpe thanked us for Book Fair and Sock Hop.  He has heard nothing but good things about it.  McTeacher night was a good thing.  He measures success by how many people show up and there were lots of people there!  He thanked PSG for all we do!  Thanks also for doing Teacher Appreciation Week.  ISTEP coming up next week: M, T & W testing in the morning and completed by noon each day.

Sherri Koczan questioned Mr. Harpe about ISTEP for High Ability students.  Tested at 4th grade level, but kids in 4/5 are actually learning at a 6th grade level.  So why take a 4th grade test.  Much discussion followed.  Basically, the answer is that it’s a state law.  The child is identified by state as a 4th graders, so he needs to take 4th grade test. 

Fundraising Presentation:

Paragon Promotions rep, Christine McNeely, did a presentation for a potential fundraiser.  Family-run business offering frozen foods, cookie doughs, gift wrap, and other stuff.  They would set up a display at Open House.  They produce brochures with all labeled with kid’s names and sorted by teacher.  She will come to do kickoff.  Tell kids about safe selling and prizes.  They will package all orders by kids.  They will count all money and give us reports and $ to deposit.  School profit: 40% on dry brochures, 35% on all frozen foods. They have about 25 different brochures that we can choose from.  We would probably pick 2or 3 brochures for parents to buy from.  Sale normally runs over 2 weekends.  Historically, schools that do postpay get more sales than presale.

We will need to make a decision about whether to do this fundraiser very soon.

Treasurer Report:

Bank Balance as of 3/1/12 is $20.755.81.  Still have only ½ teachers have turned in requests for allottments.  There is a special request from High School student who works with 5th graders on her Senior Project.  She asked PSG for $25(approx) to give students prizes as thank you for helping her.

Shannon approves, Laura and I approved too.  Passed to award the student her request.

Book Fair and Sock Hop proceeds not yet finalized. 

Committee Reports:

Carnival:  Jen Regazzi, Kelly Marshall, Ashley Eads head up this committee. They presented the following:

o    Carnival games – got rid of balloon darts and put in balloon pop.

o    New game list was presented.  They will get with Shannon to go over rules for each game.  They will be printing up a thank you sheet with the instructions for what each volunteer needs to do.

o    Shannon has received: Shed Aquarium tickets other items to will be auctioned.

o    Silent actuion item:  Fun Flicks.  They will do a backyard movie for up to 50 people; including popcorn for minumum bid is $540.

o    Key club volunteers – 10 to 14 and also 5 volunteers from Kohls will be available at the Carnival.

o    Poster contest – one winner per grade will win a wristband.

o    Food : 800 boneless wings for $200 from Hurricane Wings including sauces.  Pizza from Pans Pizza - $240 for 200 people.  Rockstar $5.00 for either wings or pizza; $7.00 for both. The large pizza from Pans was unweildy and hard to keep warm.  Potential : Subway.

o    It was decided to go with Hurricane Wings and pizzas/breadsticks from So Italian.

o    WFMS will park its van in parking lot for an hour during the carnival and do a live show from the van.

o    Bounce House from parks department.

President’s Report:

PSG President, Shannon Nicholson, presented her report.  Mini Grant from Mrs. Owens for $25 for sand timers.  Even though we have deleted the budget for Mini Grants, several teachers have not turned in allotments, so we will use that $.  All approved. 

The Board members attending meeting approved to use Paragon Promotions for the Fundraiser for 2012-2013. Shannon signed a contract indicating our intent to use Paragon Promotions in SY 2012-2013.

[Note: March 2, 2012:  After discussion with Mr. Harpe on the morning following the meeting, the Board and Mr. Harpe decided to cancel the agreement with Paragon Promotions.  Mr. Harpe had had an unsuccessful experience with the group during a fundraiser at his pervious school.  Ms. McNeely was contacted on March 2 and the contract was cancelled.] 

PSG Board Elections:  Sherry Moodie will be in lobby at Carnival to talk to parents about the PSG and have them complete a survey about why or why not they want to be involved in PSG.

New Business :

·          No futher new business.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 6:30 pm in Cardinal Media Center.  This is scheduled for the second Thursday becasuse Spring Break falls during the first week of April. 

Shannon adjourned the meeting at 7:50 pm.



Cardinal Elementary Parent Support Group

Thursday, February 02, 2012

The meeting was called to order by Shannon Nicholson at 6:30 p.m.

In attendance:

Board: Shannon Nicholson, Sherry Moodie, Laura Thompson, Christa Nierzwick; Staff: Rene’e Cook, Instructional Coach; Parents: Shery Koczan, Jessica Dicus, Jennifer & Dan Regazzi, Kelly Marshall, Ashley Eads


Approval of Minutes:
The minutes from Sept. 2011, Oct. 2011, Nov. 2011 and Jan 2012 are now available on the PSG website.
Administrator Report:
Principal Harpe was unable to be here due to family obligations. Rene’e Cook, Instructional Coach, gave his report in his abscense.  The administrative staff is providing a “Souper Bowl” luncheon offered to teachers and PSG on Feb 3rd.  PSG is invited. 
Mid Year data rosters went home last week.  Each grade had growth from the beginning of the year.  There was some dissucion of the difficulty in interpreting the information provided in these reports.  Mrs. Cook said that she would be pleased to talk with any parent individually to go over the results on the reports.
Treasurer Report:

Bank Balance as of 2/2/12 is $17,075.  All fundraiser money has been deposited.  Only ½ of teachers have requested their allotments.  Ms. Kmak used her alloment +music allowance and purchsed some new instruments.  A detailed income statement will be available at March meeting.  We will make the 2012 fundraiser decisions at next PSG meeting.

Shannon will put out a Fundraiser questionaire at the Book Fair to get parent input about what fundraisers we will do.  Shannon will check with Mr. Harpe about using Survey Monkey to ask parents about what fundraisers to do next year.

Committee Reports:
·        Feb. Bookfair:  We have to do a family event with each bookfair or we lose bonus points from Scholastic.  We will therefore have an event on Fri. Feb 17.  We will have a DJ in the gym – cost $100, also there will be pizza & drinks from Pan’s Pizza (2 pieces pizza, bread stick, drink, dessert) on sale for $5.  We will make $2.50 on each meal sold.  This should offset the cost of the DJ.   Volunteers are needed.  Please contact Sherri Koczan.  Book Fair also during schol day all week Feb 13-17.  Volunteers needed for this too.
·        There will also be a bookfair in May.  Buy one/get one half off.  PSG won’t earn any points from this sale.  It will only be a one day event in the evening.  This will be held the evening of May 3rd, which is also the night of the Art Fair and Student Data Night.
·        Carnival:  Jennifer Regazzi, Kelly Marshall, Ashley Eads head up this committee. They presented the following:
o   Silent auction ideas were presented and suggestions were requested from the group.  
o   B’burg Police will bring K-9 and set up a booth.  There is a potential of a police escort home from school to be auctioned.
o   Photo booth with funny pics 
o   Food – Hurricane Grill & Wings will donate 400 wings & sauce; can also do complete meals (wings, cole slaw and chips) at discounted cost.  Laura suggested Pan Pizza.  Discussion followed about food to be offered at Carnival.   Key Club and another club from high school will be volunteering to serve food.  
o   Auction items – teachers are responsible for collecting the items from the kids.  Shannon will be sending out info to info to teachers and room parents this week.  We provide the teachers with the baskets to collect the items in.
o   Tickets all games earn kids tickets.  PSG has all the aprons, wrist bands, tickets, and signs for prizes.  Shannon will get the prizes.  $10 per wrist bands for first 2 kids, $5 for 3rd kid, $2.50 for 4th.
o   Last Chance Board   - there will be board up with items that parents can buy for the teachers. Idea is that if they didn’t win the auction item, but were willing to spend $ to support the school, this would be another way to do it.  Shannon will contact teachers for a wish list.
o   Wrist bands – teachers will be in charge of taking $$ for tickets /wristbands. Shannon will take care of scheduling this.
o   Game list – need to be finalized this week.
o   Jen will send Shannon list of items that need to be purchased.
·        Restaurant Nights:  Sherry presented info about Applebees.  We will hold this for another time.  Hurricane Wings and Rock Star Pizza both want to partner with school to do a fundraising night.  Sherry will work on this for March and April.
·        Teacher Appreciation:    Sherry Moddie heads this.  April 30 – May 4.  She will be doing something everyday.
·        Playground Equipment Purchase:   no new news.  Shannon will to have a display table set up at Book Fair and Carnival for parents to vote on what equipement they want.

President’s Report:

PSG President, Shannon Nicholson, presented her report.  She talked about the meeting with Dr. Snapp.  He meets quarterly with PSG presidents.  Next year, Cardinal and Delaware Trails will both have 2 new Kindergarten classrooms.  All Preschool will be at Lincoln. Central offices will also move to Lincoln.  Brown will expand into the old Central Office space.  BCSC got a grade of A from the State Board of Ed, based on test scores.

Students who fail IREAD will have opportunity to go to Summer school in June so that they can retake the test before the new school year.  If the student fails the IREAD test again, he will still be placed into a 4th grade class, but given 3rd grade reading cirruculum and must pass the 3rd grade ISTEP ans IREAD at end of year.  Next school year, new start time will be 8:45am for Elementary schools. Because they will be no shuttling next year, there is the opportunity for more instruction time.   

PSG Board Elections:  Shannon will send out an election from to all parents next month.  All Board positions are available for any interested parent.  Please contact Shannon Nicholson if you would like to serve the Cardinal PSG.  Shannon noted that if we do not get any new parents, then she would stay on as President.  She also suggested that Christa move to Treasurer and a new secretary be selected. 

New Business :

·        Boxed School Supplies, Jessica Dicus is heading this up.  We will offer to students the opportunity to prebuy all the school supplies for next year at a discounted price.  PSG will make a small amount on each box.  However, this is done mainly for the convience of the parents.  PSG can order all items in bulk. Each student gets all the supplies waiting for them on Back to School night.  These supplies would be purchased from Staples.  Title 1 Schools (Cardinal is a Title 1 school) can get discounted prices for families meeting certain requirements.   It was unnamimusly approved to do this program.   Jessica will contact the teachers to get their supply lists for next school year.

            ·        No futher new business.
Next Meeting:

Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 6:00pm in Cardinal Media Center. 

Shannon adjourned the meeting at 7:50pm.


Cardinal Elementary PSG Meeting Minutes

January 5, 2012


The meeting was called to order by at 6:30 p.m.

In attendance:  Board: Shannon Nicholson, Sherry Moodie, Christa Nierzwick; Staff: Davin Harpe; Parents: Dan Regazzi, Ashley Eads

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from October and November were unavailable.  They will be approved at the February meeting.

The meeting for December was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.

Open and Introductions:

The Board, principal, and guests were introduced.

Administrator Report: Mr. Harpe said it was time for celebrations!!  Office referrals continue to be significantly lower than last year.  The staff feels that the positive behavior methods are working well.  Mr. Harpe feels we have happy kids here at school.  DIBLES testing scores showing positive gains – current year versus prior year showed higher results in all grades except 4th.  He is very pleased with the progress the students are making. 

Treasurer Report:  Treasurer, Laura Thompson, was unable to attend meeting therefore, no Treasurer’s report was presented.

Committee Reports:

Book Fair – Feb 13 – 18, it was discussed to only have it during the school day, and not at night.  It was approved to only have during day.  No parent night.  There will be a 3rd fair (50% off) in May to help with birthday book purchases.

McDonalds night should be February 13, but this is pending confirm with McDonalds.

Carnival – no update now.  They do have Disney tickets for the auction.

President’s Comments:  Mini grant requests – 1) for Laughlin $80; 2) recycling trash can for workroom $73.  Both were approved pending treasurer report and balance availability.

New Business 

·        McDonald’s night – suggestion to put a collection jar in store for donations from other patrons at restaurants.  No discussion – we will do this.

Next Meeting

Thursday Feb 2, 2012 6:30 pm, Cardinal Library

Meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm.




PSG Meeting

November 3, 2011


Present: Board: Shannon Nicholson, Sherry Moodie, Christa Nierzwick; Staff Davin Harpe; Parents – Angela Whitmire, Jessica Dicus, Jen and Dan Regazzi, Kelly Marshall


Administrator Report: Mr. Harpe explained the recent legislation regarding the I-Read assessment of all 3rd graders.  If a student fails to pass the I-Read assessment, he/she will be retained in 3rd Grade.  Because of the high stakes, he encourages all parents to stay informed of their child’s reading ability.  Cardinal will use the DIBELS assessments to see if students are at appropriate benchmarks.  DIBELS testing is a good indicator of reading fluency.  Parents can view a sample I-Read test at the following website: http://www.doe.in.gov/achievement/assessment/iread .  The timing for the tests will be ISTEP on week of March 5 and IREAD on week of March 19. 


Treasurer Report:  Cash balance as of 11/3: $16,119.57.  Book Fair raised $4,239.  Results from the Coupon book sale are still pending.  Teacher Allotments – some requests are still coming in.  Mini Grants there is still $800 available for grants.


Committee Reports:  Spring Book Fair we have scheduling conflicts.  It may be done the week of Feb 15. 

Santa Shoppe letter to parents will go out 11/23.  Volunteers are needed to staff the Shoppe.  Items to be sold will be purchased by Laura and Shannon next week.

Playground Equipment – Christy Powell will be heading up this project of investigating potential sources and pricing for new equipment.

Carnival – plans ongoing… nothing to report at this time.


Guest Speaker – Tom Hoffman from the YMCA in Avon came to talk about the Before-School and After-School program that they offer.  The before school starts at 6am and goes until the start of school.  The after-school program goes the end of school until 6pm.   This program provides students with time for homework, science, cooking and other fun activities. All activities are curriculum-based.  Currently, the program is housed in Delaware Trails for all the Brownsburg schools.  Next year, since there will no longer be shuttling, each school will have their own program.  The Y also offers programs for times when school is out for breaks.  The program for Winter Break is offered 12/19 – ½ “Holiday Around the World”.  Fees are based on a sliding scale.  They want to reach and many students as possible.


President’s Comments:  Shannon attended the PSG Presidents meeting at the BCSC admin office.  She learned of future building projects:  next school year, Eagle will have portable classrooms because the building is at capacity; all preschool classes will move to Lincoln; Cardinal will have empty classrooms; Central offices will also move to Lincoln.  The space currently used by Central Offices will be used by Brown.  No redistricting is anticipated at this time.


Comments and New Business:  none


Closing: Meeting adjourned


PSG Meeting

October 6, 2011


Attending: Board - Shannon Nicholson, Sherry Moodie, Laura Thompson, Christa Nierzwick; Parents – Angela Whitmire, Brodi LaRoche, Jennifer Whitson, Ashley Eads, Ashley Glenn, Jamie Irwin, Sheri Koczan

Teachers & Staff – Mr. Harpe, Allison Moyes (asst principal), Renee Cook,


Administrator Report: – Mr. Harpe discussed the Learning Lab.  There will be 3 groups for all students to get intentional help or literacy.  18 students at each grade level can get additional help. So far this year, we have been getting good results from the lab.  Pretesting determines need for Learning Lab. 

Mr. Harpe thanked the PSG for the support we give the school. He also gave thanks for the 18 people who helped to beautify the school on Oct 1.  The group was very efficient, completing the work by 10:30am.

Mr. Harpe was pleased with the Very successful Dad’s breakfast.  It was a wonderful morning – dads got to walk the kids back to class.  He likes to see to parents at school. 

He has set a goal for 100% parent /guardian attendance at parent conferences this upcoming week.


Treasurer Report:  $10,628.37 bank balance as of 10/6/11. 

Proceeds from the Sally Foster fundraiser are not yet deposited. We have lots of checks written to Sally Foster. Laura will talk to bank, but she feels that there will not be issue in depositing them.

Dad’s breakfast - $1206 gross proceeds, still pending on expenses. 

Teacher allotments - requests still coming in.  No total for this line item yet.

Fieldtrips – preschool and 3rd grade have gone.  Each student is allotted $4.


Committee reports:

Book Fair – the family night event will be Thurs. 10/13, we will have a bounce house, zoo mascot, prizes, books to buy, something in library (yet to be determined).  Sheri is asking for volunteers for 30/45 minute slots.

Coupon book sales – one book will go out to each child on Monday the10th.  At the mid-point –there is an Alvin chipmonk toy incentive based on sales.  Incentives for final top sellers - scooter, Sony CD player and others.

Carnival – on track…

Box Tops – class with most box tops in October will get lunch with Mr. Harpe.

Teacher appreciation dinner – we provide dinner for teachers the nights of parent conferences.  It was agreed that sandwichs would be a good choice to serve.


President’s comments

Mini grants:  1) Art potter’s wheels - from last month – request from Art teacher (Mrs. Conner) for 2 potters wheels.  We are still gathering info.  The wheels are about $900 each and the cost is too high for us to approve.  Shannon will to talk with teacher.

2) Preschool requests – a) Listening Library books & cds.  We will try to pruchase with Scholastic dollars.  Pending principal approval, since its cirruculum materials.  He requests that he always gets a chance to approve any cirriculum.

b) 2 tricycles – 3 prices found: 2 at @$120, 1 at $110.  Approved to start with purchase of one tricycle.

Valentine’s family breakfast – Shannon proposed a family event for a heathly breakfast, combined with Jump Rope for Heart.  There will activites in the gym.  Families invited.  Event approved.

Red Ribbon Week - Drug free penciles purchased for Mrs. Ridle.  This was approved in the annual budget.

Spring cleaning for grounds – Central office will establish a few dates; we need to pick date.

Veteren’s day event – Nov 11.  Mr. Harpe is working on plans for a Veteren’s Day event.  We will be joining Delaware Trails in DT gym. Shannon asked is they needed help from PSG.  Mr. Harpe said that plans were still in progress and he’d let us know.


New Business: - nothing presented to group


Closing:  Meeting ended.  Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, November 3 at 6pm in Cardinal Library.



 PSG Meeting 

Thursday, September 1, 2011  6:30pm



Present: Parents – Shannon Nicholson, Laura Thompson, Christa Nierzwick, Dan & Jennifer Regazzi, Jeniffer Dicus, Jamie Irwin, Kely Marshall, Ashley Glenn; Staff – Sandi Hartlieb and Davin Harpe


Administration Report:  Mr Harpe – thanked everyone for coming, he also thanked the PSG for helping out in workroom and in classrooms.


Principal Harpe discussed the Positive Behavior chart – explaining the new chart and why it’s working.  He gave an example of its success the fact that last year there had been 18 office referrals during the first month of school but during the same time this year there have only been 3.


BCSC Character traits: All schools now will focus on the same traits. Students will be focuing on one trait each month.

Responsibility – in September;  Respect, Compassion, Perserverance, Integrity, Acceptance, Citizenship


Riley Childrens’ Hospital - Miracle School:  If a school raises $1 per student for the Hospital, the school gets the “Miracle School” status. BCSC is only 1 school away from becoming a Miracle School Corporation. Mr. Harpe likes this program because it teaches kids to care for others.  All the money donated goes towards research and other care for kids. He would like Cardinal to become a Miracle School this year.  (Mr. Harpe is on the Board of Directors for this Kids Caring and Sharing program.)


Treasurer Report: Cash balance is $11,509.49.  Teacher alloment reimbursement requests are being paid as received.


Committee Reports: new committee chairs are as follows:

            Carnival co-chairs: Jennifer Regazzi, Ashley Eads and Kely Marshall have kindly agreed to be the co-chairs of the Carnival committee!!  Thanks J

            5th grade party – Tammy Wiley and Jennifer Dicus

            Web design – Dan Regazzi will be resigning our PSG website!

            Dad’s Breakfast – Sept 16th  we expect 300 people will also have football games in gym.  Need student helpers to clean up the gym and cafeteria before.  There will be Colts theme, but other NFL teams are encouraged too.  We will take pics and send 6 to NFL for chance to win $25,000


Still need chair for:

Mom’s breakfast

            Santa Shoppe – maybe Jennifer Dicus

            Teacher Luncheon

School Grounds Beautification

President comments:  School Grounds Beautification will be Saturday Oct.1, 8-noon.  BCSC will deliver mulch and bushes and shovels.  Parents will be needed to provide manpower.


Mini grant request from art teacher - $1800 for 2 potter’s wheels.  She wants to have an after-school pottery program for 5th grade students.  Each session would have only 10 students. The sessions would be free to students. There would be several session throughout the year.  There was discussion that is cost was high since it only benefitted a few students, even though the wheels would last for many years and lots of students would cycle through the programs.  It was decided that more research was need into cost. Shannon will contact the teacher to get more information.  Discussion was tabled until next month.


Workroom Wednesday – PSG has been making copies and laminating things for the teachers. We can use more help from additional volunteers.


New Business: Laura brought up that Thornburg neighborhood students can ride a bike to school if they have a permission slip on file.  Currently, the school has only 2 permissions for bike riders but 9+ kids are riding to school.  Also, several students are not wearing helmets.  Mr. Harpe said he would look into this.


No futher business.

PSG Meeting

August 18, 2011  6:30pm


Present:  Parents – Shannon Nicholson, President; Laura Thompson, Treasurer; Sherry Moodie, Vice President; Christa Nierzwick, Secretary; Kelly Marshall, Jennifer and Dan Regazzi, Jessica Dicus, Ashley Eads, Courtney Crowe, Jessica Cole, Sheri Kozan, Angela Whitmire

Staff -  Teachers: Pam Ancel, Jennifer Laughlin, Renee Cook;  Principal: Davin Harpe


Administrator Report:  Mr. Harpe began the meeting by thanking the parents and teachers for attending and introducing the teachers in attendance.  He also gave an explanation of how the teachers were using the time provided by the early release time on Wednesdays.  This time is used for teacher collaboration and determining the needs of each individual student.   


Treasurer Report:  cash balance as of 8/18/11 was $12,190.  The budget for 2011/2012  will be finalized this week and posted on the PSG page of Cardinal’s website.   Laura told the parents about $200 that we make available to each teacher for the purchase of classroom supplies.


Committee Reports:  Shannon indicated that there are many committee chair positions open.  She requested volunteers to fill the positions.


President’s Comments: 

·        October 1 will be the PSG School Beautification Day for Cardinal from 8am til noon.  Parents are encouraged to help with grounds maintenace on this day.  Mulch will be provided and a few shrubs by BCSC. The BCSC now only provides grass cutting for the schools.  All other gounds maintenance must be done by the school.  The custodians do not have much available time for this and, so parents have been requested to help.

·        Dad’s Breakfast will be a Colts theme.

·        Kidz Art – can once again offer after school art lessons.  A portion of the student comes back to the school.  Mr. Harpe approved.

·        School Supplies Fundraiser – this project has been done in recent years past.  We arrange with a retailer to bulk purchase the student school supplies.  The parents pay up front for the supplies and they don’t have to do the shopping!  Jessica Dicus will head up this program.

·        Mini Grants: 

o   $200 to replace the mini fanny packs used for the playground monitors.

o    $200 to replace the posters in the cafeteria with framed canvas.  The students will be able to paint these canvases with hand prints.

o   Brain Pop subscription – yearly subscription.  Several teachers would like to get it.  We need to get more costing info. 

·        Workday Wednesdays -  Cardinal is now without a staff person to make copies, do laminating, etc. for the teachers.  The PSG will have volunteers at the school on Wednesday to do this work for the teachers.  We recognize that their time is very valuable and they should spend their time preparing for class instead of standing at the copy machine!

·        Birthday Books for Students – Last year, the free books that the school received from the scholastic book sales have been saved to distribute to students on their birthdays.  Mr. Harpe said that he would think about the best way to distubute the books to the birthday kids.


New Business:

·        Fundraising projects for school year were discussed.  (See attached letter)  The Sally Foster product sale (similar to Innisbrook used the past) will begin in late August.  Coupon book sale – some teachers expressed concern on how this program will operate and if they will need to keep track of the books that go out the students.  We will have to get further information to answer the question.

·        Shannon talked about our desire to purchase some additional playground equipment, but that it is very expensive.  Mr. Harpe explained that it isn’t the PSG’s responsibility to purchase the playground equipment.  There is capital Projects funding through the School Corporation.  However, he acknowledged that when it comes to a choice of curriculum improvements or playground improvements, the curricullum will always come first and so it frequently has fallen to the PSG to provide funding for playgrounds.

·        Mr. Harpe was asked if parents could go onto the playground during recess.  This was not allowed last school year.  He said that he welcomed parents onto the playground.

·        Mr. Harpe stated that he and Ms. Kmak are working on a Veteren’s Day celebration.


Mr. Harpe ended that meeting by thanking the PSG for supporting the teachers and staff of Cardinal.  He wanted us remember that the main point of the various school/PSG events is not to raise $, but to welcome families into the school.


Next meeting: Thursday, September 1, 6:30pm


PSG 2011/2012 Budget Meeting

June 8, 2011


Present: Parents: Shannon Nicholson, President; Sherry Moodie, VP; Laura Thompson, Treasurer; Christa Nierzwick, Secretary;

                     Sheri Koczan, Chair of Scholastic Book Sales

  Cardinal Staff: Davis Harpe, Principal beginning June 2011 


Purpose of Meeting: Establish the budget and calendar for 2011/2012 school year.


Budget: The detailed line item income statement showing all expenses and income for School Year 2010/2011 was reviewed.  Cash balance at 6/3/11 was $11,015.

Each line item was discussed to determine a budgeted expense for 11/12 year.  Estimated Revenues were not determined at this meeting.  See the separate document for the complete line item budget.


Fundraisers for SY 2011/2012: 

·         Aug: Sally Foster products (similar to Innisbrook used in the past).  Cardinal’s portion of sales is 40%.

·         Sept – May: monthly SCRIPS sales.  Cardinal receives 1.5% - 15%+ of the card sales value.

·         Sept:  BEF sale of Yankee Candles – sales benefit the Brownsburg Education Foundation, not Cardinal Elem.

·         Oct:  Entertainment Coupon books – each child given at least one book to be sold for $30.  Coupons are valid during 2012.  Cardinal’s portion of sales is 50%.  In addition, the Entertainment Group will be giving Cardinal a $500 signing bonus.

·         Oct:  Book Fair – Scholastic provides free books for teachers and a % of sales comes back to the school.

·         Nov-Dec:  Santa Shoppe.  All net proceeds stay at Cardinal

·         Jan:  Chuck E Cheese spirit night – Cardinal gets 15% of Student/family sales

·         Feb:  Texas Roadhouse spirit night - Cardinal gets 15% of Student/family sales

·         Mar: Carnival – all net proceeds stay at Cardinal

·         Apr: Panda Express Spirit Night - Cardinal gets 15% of Student/family sales

·         May: Book Fair – Scholastic provides free books for teachers and a % of sales comes back to the school.


Calendar:  The calendar of PSG events for the new school year was developed.  Please see the separate document for the detailed calendar.  Highlights follow:

Aug 8             Meet the Teacher night

Aug 9  Teacher breakfast provided by PSG

Aug 10  First day of school

            Mr. Harpe requested that the PSG and additional volunteers be available to:

·         Be in the hallwaysdirect kids to class

·         Boo Who breakfast – in cafeteria for Kindergarten parents.  This will be an opportunity for the K parents to conect with other parents, share their feelings about their child(ren) leaving home for the first time, and to get some information about how to join the PSG.   We are to provide a continental breakfast and support for the parents.

·         Be in the cafeteria during lunch for the Kindergarteners to help with whatever is needed.

Aug 25  Kickoff for Sally Foster fundraiser

Sep 19  Donuts with Dads/Grandpas, etc.

Oct 17 – 19  Red Ribbon Week – Mrs. Riddle is in chage of this event

Oct 10  Coupon Book sale kickoff

Oct 13  Family Event / Book Fair

Oct 17/18  provide dinners for Teachers during Parent/Teacher conferences

Nov 8  Musical  grades 2 & 5

Nov 23  Fall class parties

Nov 28 – Dec 2  Santa Shoppe

Dec 13  Musical grades K & 3

Jan ??   Chuck E Cheese fundraiser

Mar 1  Dr. Suess night for Kindergarten

Mar 23  Carniaval

Mar 27  Musical  grades 1 & 4

Mar 30  Spring Class parties

May 3  Art Fair/ Family Event/ Book Fair

May xx  Mom’s breakfast

May 17  5th grade party

May 18  Staff Appreciation luncheon


PSG meetings will continue to meet on the first Thursday of each month.  However, we will begin the meeting at 6:30 pm in the hopes that more parents will be able to attend.  Exceptions: the August meeting will be on 8/18.  The November 3 and March 1 meetings will begin at 6 pm due to other activites in the school.



PSG Meeting May 2, 2011  4pm


Present: Parents: Shannon Nicholson, President; Sherry Moodie, VP; Laura Thompson, Treasurer;

 Christa Nierzwick, Secretary; Sheri Koczan, Kelly Marshall

Teachers:  Jennifer Laughlin, Melissa Maxwell, Abby Loe, Besty Owens, Cori Stichnoth, Lindsay Thrine,

Kathryn Kmak, Alissa Helland


Teasurer Report:  The current cash balance is $13,146.41.  We recently received $691 from Box Tops.  This brings us to a yearly total for Box Tops of $1,330.  We also received $185 from Texas Roadhouse for the Spirit night.


Book Fair: We will have a second Book Fair on Thursday, May 5. The funds earned will be used to supply books for every classroom and to provide each student with a book on his/her birthday during the following school year.


Moms’ Breakfast: The “Chicks Rule” moms’ breakfast will be held on Friday, May 6.  The food will be from Chick-fil-A again this year.  However, in the future, we will not be able to use Chick-fil-A because the food fails to meet the school’s nutrition guidelines.


Red Bird Run: This event will be cancelled year.  It had been a fundraiser in the past.  However, last year, the event’s expenses were greater that the funds raised and it was decided to not continue the event during the already busy month of May.


Teacher Appreciation Luncheon: a lunch will be provided for the teachers on May 27, the last day of school.  Outback, Olive Garden and other restaurants were suggested as sources for the food.


5th Grade Party:  Shannon discussed that the PSG didn’t have anyone to run the party.  She asked the 5th grade teachers what they wanted to do.  There is $250 available to spend on the party, and the PSG will leave it up to the teachers to decide what to do.


Playground Equipment: we have a quote for $3,400 (before installation and delivery) for a lilly pad.  The climbing web mentioned at last month’s meeting has a cost of $15,000 and higher.  The group decided to table the discussion of any new equipment until next school year.


New Principal: The new principal will be announced at the BCSC School Board meeting on May 9th. 


Election of Officers for 2011-2012 year:  no nomination forms were received from the parents or staff.  Therefore, the existing officers agreed to run for election for the next school year.  All present voted unanimously to elect the following:  Shannon Nicholson - President, Sherry Moddie - Vice Present, Laura Thompson - Treasurer, Christa Nierzwick - Secretary.


Meeting was adjorned with THANKS to all who have attended the meetings this school year.  The next meeting will be held in June.  The date is to be determined after discussion with the new Principal, and will be posted on the school website.  The Budget for 2011-2012 school year will be established at the June meeting. 

PSG Minutes April,4 2001 4pm
Present: Shannon Nicholson, Sherry Moodie, Laura Thompson, Christa Nierzwick, Dana Hicks, Sheri Koczan, Megan Hassler, Lindsay Thrine, Katheryn Kmak, Jennifer Laughlin, Linda Berryman, Jenniffer Hanson, Nancy Kotarski, Barb Roark
Introductions: Christa Nierzwick agreed assume the position of the PSG Secretary.
Administrator Report: Mrs. Hicks offered a possibility to improving the playground equipment.  It is not possible to modify the existing equipment to reuse the space that was previously used by the tire swings.  She presented the idea of a net climbing tower.  She will forward information to Shannon.  There was dicussion about having a specific fundraiser to fund the purchase.  No decision will be made until futher details and pricing information can be presented.  
Treasurer Report: The current cash balance is $13,215.22.  The profit from the Carnival was $4126.58. 
Committee Reports: Scholastic - bookfair sales resulted in each teacher receiving $100 in books or materials.  Order forms will be placed in each teacher's box.  Forms are due back to Sheri Koczan, bookfair chairperson, by April 15.  Mom's breakfast - Shannon indicated that the event will be Friday, May 6.  Chick-fil-a biscuits and Starbucks coffee will be available for sale.  Mrs. Hicks brought up the fact that in the next school year, any event selling food, such as the Breakfasts for Moms or Dads, must purchase the food through the school food service.  This is to ensure that BCSC food nutrition guidelines are properly followed.
President's Report - Shannon discussed new fundraising programs for next school year.  Instead of Innisbrook, we will use the Sally Foster program through the Entertainment Group.  This sale will offer similar products, but all items will be shipped directly to the purchasers instead of the school.  Thereby eliminating many hours of work by PSG volunteers and school employees.  The PSG will also sell the Entertainment Group coupon books.  Each book will sell for $30. One book will be sent to each child for purchase.  The students can return the book or purchase it and sell additional books if they choose.  In order to get a $500 bonus from the Entertainment Group, we must sign a contract with them by April 15. 
Shannon and Laura discussed the idea of eliminating the Carnival for the next school year.  The event has become too difficult to put on due to the lack of volunteer help.
There was additional discussion of how many fundraisers were allowing during a school year.  Shannon will seek futher information on this subject.
Comments: Mrs. Berryman thanked the PSG for providing the funding for their fieldtrip to the Challenger Center.  Shannon Nicholson told the teachers that they could have $5 per child for fieldtrips in the next school year.
There was no New Business and the meeting was concluded at 5pm.
PSG Minutes March 7, 2011 4pm
Present: Shannon Nicholson, Laura Thompson, Sherry Moodie, Fabrice Decaudin, Sheri Koczan, Kathryn Kmak, Marla Moss, Michelle Allen, April Barnes, Lindsay Thrine, Corri Stichnoth, Lisa McMullen.
Administrator Report:  Mr. Decaudin gave updates on student council activites coming up for riley caring and sharing. Will post in reader. No other new info. to report.
Treasurer Report: balance $15,414.75, still processing t-shirt income-will update next month. Scrip income $176.55. Will put updates for teacher allotments in each teacher's mailbox.
Committee Reports: Carnival volunteers still coming in-Kohl' s has one employee signed up-need 4 more in order to receive grant funds. Most booth times are filled. boy scouts to fill others. Food and prizes are set. School supplies-shannon will get last year's lists to teachers for updates. Need soon so companies can get estimates to us. 
President's Comments: Will put in nomination forms in reader next week to seek new board members. Current secretary has to step down due to new employment-congrats! Sheri Has good ideas for bookfair-will follow up with approval from Mr. Decaudin. 
Comments: Mrs. Stichnoth is ready for skating-any help for younger students at 11-11:40 or 2:40-3:20 would be helpful. 
Next meeting Monday April 4th, 2011 in the Cardinal Library 
PSG Minutes February 7, 2011 4pm
Present: Shannon Nicholson, Laura Thompson, Ashley Glenn, Kelly Marshall, April Barnes, Megan Hassler, Sandi Hartlieb, Melissa Maxwell, Dana Hicks, Kathryn Kmak, Laura Gainbrel, Heather Jones
Administrative Report: Nothing new
Treasurer Report: $11,846.86 balance, Airliners check cleared, $185 from Chuck E. Cheese Night, $50 Redbird from Hendricks Power, $250 Redbird from St. Vincent Children's Hospital, $250 from Innisbrook order
Committe Report: Carnival- March 11th from 5:30-8:30, Start collecting auction box items, Food- So Italian, Games
President Comments: Rock N Rollers-Free Skate Party $3 skate rental fee, March 16th from 6-8p
Comments: T-shirts orders due Feb. 25, shirts come in Mar. 23rd.
Next meeting March 7, 2011 4pm Cardinal Library
PSG Minutes January 3, 2011 4pm
Present: Shannon Nicholson, Laura Thompson, Ashley Glenn, Barb Roark, Abby Loe, Alissa Hillard, Michelle Allen, Melissa Maxwell, Dana Hicks, Jennifer Hanson, Jennifer Laughlin, Linda Berrym, Kelly Marshall
Administrative Report: no new news
Treasurer Report: budget is $16,307.14
box tops check for $659
GFS check for $5.41
KidzArt check for $157
Committee Report: Box Top Contest Jan. 24-28 Highest number box tops class gets Homework Pass
Fitness night is Jan. 11
Carnival Updates March 11th and need donations
President Comments: Flip Camera from coke rewards goes to Auction item for Spring Carnival
Jan. 17th is Chuck E. Cheese Night from 3-9
Next PSG Meeting is February 7th 
PSG Minutes December 6, 2010 4pm
Present: Board: Shannon Nicholson, Laura Thompson, Sherry Moodie, Ashley Glenn
Teachers: Nancy Kotorski, Emily Zeto, April Barnes, Mallory Belore, Marla Moss, Heather Jones, Michelle Andrews, Brooke Green, Katheryn Kmak, Luale Cline
Administration: Dana Hicks
Administration Report: projectors are in every class at Cardnial now. Still waiting on firm price for Airliners. PSG is taking care of half of amount.
Treasurer Report: Blance is $16,691.31. We are keeping teacher allotments. We eliminated scholarship, mini grants, and ISTEP snacks to help pay for Airliners. Santa Shoppe raised $3,255.
Committee Report: We need a Chairperson for the Santa Shoppe next year. Carnival is March 11th(Friday Night) need donations. Box Top Contest was successful. We will be running another contest in January
President Comments: Talk about possible new fundraiser for next year, The Pizza Man.
Comments and New Business: Party next week popcorn and capri suns, for kids that had less than 6 cautions.
Next meeting is January 3, 2011 4pm at Cardinal Library
Psg Minutes November 1, 2010, 4pm
Present: Board: Shannon Nicholson, Laura Thompson, Sherry Moodie
Parents:Sheri Koczan, Ashley Glenn, Andrea Crawford
Teachers: Kathryn Kmak, Corri Stichnoth, Melissa Maxwell, Deanna Carman, Michelle Allen, Megan Hassler, Brooke Green, Lindsay Thrine, Abby Loe, Jennifer Hanson, Michelle Andrews
Administration: Dana Hicks
 Administrator report: grant has been given to have projectors for every classroom at Cardinal. Now a request for psg to supply smart boards(a wireless slate) for every class-28 total at current price of $300 each. Need a decision in the next few weeks. Psg will review budget and determine what is available.
Treasurer Report: balance is 24,000, but innisbrook is still owed around 6,000. Will discuss remaining allotments and mini-grants-will probably have to adjust what is left in order to purchase smart boards. Bookfair-deposited $4,100 in cash and checks and have around $1200 in charges. We will get half of that to buy items for the library from scholastic. We did about the same last fall. 
Committe Reports Santa shoppe: Andrea is busy buying-will start pricing next week using color codes to help reduce confusion of prices. Items ranging from $.50 to $5.00. Will use science room to sell the week of santa shop-still working in schedule for shopping times-going to send home envelopes and shopping times on Friday November 19th-need to have schedules by then.
Teacher Luncheon-SoItalian will deliver at 11:30-Teachers served at 12:00. 
President Comments: Wish tree to be put up Friday-all teachers will try to have stars filled out and returned to the psg mailbox by Friday. Sign will be put up to inform parents-info will be in the next few redbird readers.
New Business: recess needs-basketball nets, jump ropes, balls, chalk-will order from Marsh in the next few weeks. Board games for upcoming indoor recesses. Also talked about available gym time for indoor recess or possible workout videos-yoga, etc. Family fitness night discussed-Mrs. Stichnoth wants to have it on January 11th 6-7:30-Mrs. Hicks and psg approve. Sherry commented on the brownsburg water department-she went with her son for a project-good field trip or classroom visit-very educational. No other new items.
PSG Minutes October 4, 2010, 4pm
Present: Psg board, Shannon Nicholson, Laura Thompson, Sherry Moodie
Parents: Sheri Koczan, Christy Powell, Ashley Glenn, Judi Velikan, Kristen Lorenzano
Teachers: Kathryn Kmak, Laura Gambrel, Alissa Helland, Sandi Hartlieb, Melissa Maxwell, Lindsay Thrine, Michelle Allen, Barb Roark, Betsy Owens
Administarors: Dana Hicks
Administrator Report: Nothing at this time from Mrs. Hicks
Treasuer Report: $26,000 balance, but still have innisbrook to pay. Allotments still coming in-all teachers have $200 available to them. Minigrants-still have around $1400 available-forms are in the office. Pending grant from Mrs. Maxwell, depending on how donorschoose goes? Innisbrook total sales are $14,276. We should profit 40-50% from the total sales! Thanks to all the teachers and parents!
Committee Reports: Bookfair/reading night-no movie-want to focus on reading. Continue to seek eye doctor for exams-Kim's Doctor can't make it. Set up in science room Wed October 20th. Selling days are Oct. 25th-27th during class times and the evening of the 26th. Put in redbird reader newsletter times for students to shop and more info about reading night. Fire and police have committed to read that night.
Box tops-all teachers but pre-school have cutters-Sheri Kozan volunteered to do that class.
Scrip-did approve half the amount earned by students will be credited to their lunch account. Should have all info to start this program next month-thanks Christy and Lori!
Santa Shoppe location still to be detemined-Mrs. Hicks will look into it and will ask Mr. Decaudin about schedules for classes to shop.
President Comments:secretary unable to attend-but welcome! No other ideas for different fundraisers-innisbrook was successful, but some comments from parents are they have similar products every year-can we still be as successful next year? Table until next month for new ideas.
Celebration for the discipline policy. Miss Kmak requests psg to help with snacks for the celebration to be held Dec. 17th during students special time. Possible ideas nachos bar, chip bar, etc. Must still be within food guidelines and will be held in the gym so nothing too messy. Laura and Shannon will plan what snack and recruit volunteers to help serve.  
Giving tree for teachers approved by Mrs. Hicks. Put up somewhere in lobby November 22nd. Teachers will request supply items needed for their class. Parents can take a star from the tree to purchase. Sheri wants to ensure parents have every opportunity to make use of the tree. Mrs. Hicks reminds us of the Winter Music program that several parents attend and will see the tree. Shannon will make sure the info gets in the Redbird Reader so parents know about the tree and can come see the tree before/after school and during student's lunch.
Comments and New Business: Sheri wants to request SunnyD labels so teachers can earn books for their classrooms. Teachers will put them in the psg mailbox and Sheri will collect and send them in. Mrs. Hicks approved. Shannon will put info in the Reader Friday.
Closing/Next Mtg Nov. 1st 4pm in Cardinal Library
Shannon Nicholson, Laura Thompson, Dana Hicks, Sherry Moodie, Mindy Regan, Kim Faughnan, Kelly Allison.
Administrator Report
Mrs. Hicks has been meeting with teachers and preparing for next year.  She states school e-mail is best source for communication DHicks@brownsburg.k12.in.us. Mrs. Hicks is working on getting a cell phone for staff to reach her in either building.
Mrs. Hicks will strongly encourage teachers to promote psg events.
Treasurer's Report
Laura Thompson, treasurer, reported balance is $12,143.49 and have four checks not cleared.  $11,826.64 balance after checks clear.
Budget report provided showing breakdown on 2009-2010. Discussion on Redbird Run t-shirts.  Unsure number of shirts remaining.  Redbird Run had a negative balance due to lack of donations.  Redbird Run balance after paying for shirts and collecting donations $-899.00.  PSG will try to sell remaining shirts and will not purchase new ones until inventory is gone.  T-shirts will not be free for 2010-2011 Redbird Run.
$260 on-line for back to school supplies. $782 and psg got 5%.
Committee Reports
Yankee Candles
8/12  Back to school night begins @ 6pm and ends at 8pm.  PSG will sell t-shirts from Redbird Run and get volunteers for 2010-2011.
8/13 Breakfast for teachers will be Chick-fil-a. 
Scrip sales.  Announcement in Redbird Reader.  Can buy on-line or through school.
PSG President suggested purchasing paw print magnet and tote bag.  PSG officers voted and approved purchasing 100 magnets for $3 each.  100 tote bags for $1.88 with a $50 set up fee.
9/3 Donuts with Dad at 8am or 8:15.  PSG will purchase drinks through school and two types of donuts.  Two drinks and two donuts per person.
5/6/11 Chicks Rule for breakfast with moms.  Price will be increased from last year.  Mother's day cards can be made in the gym.  Will ask for two rows in Delaware cafeteria for space needed.
Need to create teacher wish list for Christmas tree for teachers classrooms.  Color code by grade and 5 per teacher.
Movie night will determine dates later.  G movies currently being offered but want to know if we can offer pg movies.  Permission form from parents?  Table until next meeting.  May get kids involved to vote on movie.
8/5 visit your classroom and sign up for psg.
Two classroom parties.  Mrs. Hicks suggested dates before school breaks to encourage attendance.  November 24, before Thanksgiving break, and March 25, before Spring break.  2:30 to 3:15 with set up fifteen minutes prior to party.
10/26 Book fair and family reading night.
Dates set and entered on psg calendar on website.
President's comments
E-mail items for Redbird Reader per Mrs. Hicks. 
The following items were presented to the psg board to purchase and vote on:
benches-no. Ink toner and laminate- need price to vote. Tabled until more information provided. Ticket to read and Scholastic quizes -no.  Teacher allotments increased.  Mini grants remain.  Hoosier books for library purchased last year and are available through Scholastic.  Field trips- yes, psg will donate $4 per child for teacher to determine field trip.  Kindergarten playground equipment -no.  Kidzart- yes, science lab on Tuesdays. Teacher of the month- yes(free).  NFL play 60 on September 3 with donuts with dad-yes.
Comments and New Business
Donnations to be used in Brownsburg community and will publize where funds are going for each event suggested by Sherry Moodie, psg vice president.
Next meeting will be at Brownsburg Public Library to set dollar amounts of budget.
PSG MINUTES MAY 3, 2010, 7pm
Shannon Nicholson, Sherry Moodie, Laura Thompson, Kim Faughnan, Kelly Allison, Carla J Hubbard.
Election of Officers for 2010-2011
Shannon Nicholson for President.
Sherry Moodie for Vice President.
Laura Thompson for Treasurer.
Kim Faughnan for Secretary.
Sherry Moodie will work closely with Shannon Nicholson to learn the role of President.
Kim Faughnan will work closely with Laura Thompson to learn the role of Treasurer.
Administrator report
Carla Hubbard requested PSG support a video on bullying.  This will be produced by Mrs. Hubbard and will include 30-40 students.  Mrs. Hubbard has already received a list of students choosen by staff teachers to participate in video.  Mrs. Hubbard has spoken with a video professional who will tape the production, provide a copy to each student participating, a copy for the Cardinal library, a copy on the Cardinal website for $500-$600.  Board members voted and motion carried to provide funding for bullying video.
Budget planning meeting June 8 at 9am at Cardinal.
PSG MINUTES MAY 3, 2010, 4pm
Shannon Nicholson, Abby Loe, Alissa Helland, Kathryn Kmak, Corri Stichnoth, Kim Faughnan, Laura Thompson, Barb Roark, Seth Vaught, Jarrod Gatlin, Jennifer Laughlin, Kelly Allison, Carla J Hubbard, Dana Hicks.
Administrator Report
Mrs. Hubbard introduced Mrs. Hicks.  Mrs. Hicks will be returning as principal for Cardinal.  She will also be the principal for Delaware.  Mrs. Hubbard confirmed bookfair preview for students on Wednesday.  Confirmed election of board members for psg at 7pm tonight.
Mrs. Hicks and current PSG board members agreed to meet on June 8 at 9am at Cardinal.  This will be the planning meeting for the 2010-2011 school year.  This will include planning the calendar of events, new bylaws written and a binder developed including each event to help in transparancy of how and what is involved in each event.  Budget planning.
Seth Vaught present but nothing to present at this time.
Treasurer's Report
Laura Thompson, treasurer, reported the following updates.
Balance $15,236.
Still some teacher allotments not received. 
Shannon Nicholson, president of psg, and Laura Thompson, treasurer of psg, awarded $500 scholarship to senior who was a past student of Cardinal.
$717.00 in box tops received.
Rock n Rollers was a loss.  PSG had to pay.
Mini grants over by $99.
PSG will provide $150 for track and field day for water and prizes.
Committe Reports
Bookfair status - Heather is ready and still looking for volunteers.
Redbird Run Status - Kelly Allison, chairperson for Redbird Run, has poster ready.  Kelly provided a reminder that corporate sponsors needed by Friday, May 7th.  Kelly Allison has agreed to be the chairperson for Redbird Run in Spring 2011!  Thanks Kelly!! 
Breakfast with mom report provided by Laura Thompson.  To date their are 332 prepaid and pre registered participants. Cost is $3 per person.  Chicken biscuits from Chick-fil-a.  Coffee donated by Starbucks in Avon!  Milk and juice will be ordered through Angie Jones, cafeteria manager for Cardinal and Delaware.
Breakfast for teachers and staff provided by PSG on May 28, 2010.  Breakfast will be purchased from Chick-fil-a.
President's Comments
Shannon Nicholson, President of PSG, asked for input from those present on the following ideas.
Outdoor reading area or additional picnic tables outside cafeteria so all grades may have opportunities to eat lunch outside as a class.
Letter for pre-school and kindergarten to generate volunteers for PSG.
Increase amount of mini grants for teachers.
Purchase keyboarding software or additional computer carts to be shared in classrooms.  Ticket to read $2500.  This software is for k-5 and can be used from home. Hersog has been alloted per Mrs. Hubbard.Mrs. Hubbard stated our school currently has six computer carts.  Cardinal is slated to receive upgrade of technology like Reagan elementary.  Uncertain when these updates will be provided.
Would teachers like PSG to get volunteers for classrooms?  PTO in other school districts have provided paid assistants in every classroom. 
Everyday math supplies?  Mr. Gatlin thought supplies for classrooms would be provided.  Mrs. Hubbard stated teachers will receive a kit.  Ideally, kits will be received before end of this school year or at very least by August 2010.  Mrs. Roark suggested kindergarten rooms can always use material folders and ziplock bags.  Wish list from each teacher requested by Monday.
Next meeting is tonight at 7pm.
Laura Thompson, Sherry Moodie, Michelle Allen, Kathryn Kmak, Seth Vaught, Sandi Hartlieb, Sara Walroth, Alissa Hilland, Heather Jones, Carla Hubbard, Deanna Carman, Emily Zeto, Shannon Nicholson, Jennifer Laughlin, Kim Faughnan
Administrator Report
Mrs. Hubbard reported it took a few days for everyone to settle in from Spring Break.  Tuesday will be Butler day.
Treasurers Report
Carnival results were $4,000 plus.
Box top results were $271.
GFS results were $14.
Tyson results were $29.
Allotments status is open til May. Teacher allotments $200 per teacher for 2010-2011 calendar year.  Make available entire amount at begining of year instead of spliting by semester?
May 7 PSG paying for Mrs. Berryman's second grade to go to the challenger center.
Committee Reports
April 21 skating party.
April 26 week PSG will provide snacks for third, fourth and fifth grade for ISTEP testing.
May 6 is Data Night/Book Fair from 6pm to 7:30pm
May 6th art night needs volunteers for mounting art work.
May 7 Chicks Rule is breakfast with mom.  Chick-fil-a will be provided at $3 each with 50% of proceeds going to a homeless shelter.
May 21 Field Day and Redbird Run.  Need volunteers for both events.  Sign-up at Data Night/Book Fair.  PSG will provide one t-shirt for each student?  Need corporate sponsors early to get name on back of t-shirt. 
Parents are walking on Tuesday's and Friday's from 9am to 10am on track behind Cardinal will be put in Redbird Reader.
President's Comments
May 3 PSG board elections at 7pm in library at Cardinal.
June planning meeting for 2010-2011.
Back to school night only for 2010-2011.  No open house.  PSG present at bookfair in August.  Letter to parents in June and August with regarding need for volunteers for PSG.
Next PSG meeting will be May 3 at 7pm in library at Cardinal!
Shannon Nicholson, Laura Thompson, Kelly Allison, Kim Faughnan, Heathers Jones, Lisa McMullen, Nancy Kotarski, Marla Moss, Laura Gambrel, Julia Hanson, James Gatlin, Seth Vaught.
Administrator Report
Seth Vaught present but nothing new to present.
Treasurers Report
Balance provided by Laura Thompson. $14,032 as of February 2010.
$99.32 from Chuck E. Cheese night.
Allotments due May 21 and are still coming in.
PSG purchased four music stands for Mrs. Kmak's classroom.  Hendricks Regional Healthcare bought two more music stands.
PSG purchased $300 worth of post cards for teachers to use to correspond with parents.
PSG will pay for cost and bus for 1st graders to go to the Challenger Center.
Innisbrook-signed up for next year.
Need updated list of supplies from classrooms for 2010-2011 school year.
Box tops and labels.
Committe Reports
Carnival, food, So Italian will be available to purchase such as pizza, salad, and breadsticks.  PSG will provide desserts such as cookies/brownies and drinks from Sam's Club to purchase.  Prizes have been ordered.  Collecting volunteer sheets from room parents.  Teachers ask room parents to send them in.  Flyer submitted to Donna Petrais for Friday folder-bcsc tv?  Flap Jack's front sign will advertise for Carnival.  Flyers to other business.  Sell handcrafted vases and part of proceeds to benefit psg.  Indians Knothole signup and donating Butler poster signed by players and framed from Mr. Howard.  Laura's proposal of charitable organization to sell "corn heating item" for adopted family at carnival for approval.  Kohl's will provide five employees to help.  3-6 middleschoolers and Boyscouts to help.  Auction box that receives largest dollar amount will get a pizza party.  Carnival poster contest/winner from each grade level receives $5.00 in Carnival tickets. Kidzart to set up in gym or lobby.  Sign up sheet needed for teachers to volunteer to sell tickets for carnival.
Kelly Allison has agreed to be the chairperson for Redbird Run  
Prizes ordered for Redbird Run  include IPod from box tops. T-shirts for Redbird Run for whom ever raises $10 in donations/sponsors. Shannon to follow up with Kelly more information(folder) on redbird run.
President's comments
Cosi sign up soon if still interested.
Scrip information to process and decide when to start.  Can pick up orders at school or have them direct ordered to home.
Discussed learn2earn.  learn2earn.com for online quizes at home or school.  Students can work in academics and collect points and be in a raffle with other schools.  Learn2earn-a-thon can earn $ for psg.
Discussed class room parties.  Do we need three parties?  Waiting for approval to reduce parties to fall and Valentines only.
Talent show last day of school, May 28? 
PSG to provide lunch for teachers and all staff(aids, custodian, etc.) on last day of school, May 28.  Start at 11:15 to 1pm in teacher lounge.
Open school board meeting, March 22 at 6:30 at Brown Elementary Cafeteria for search for superintendent.  They want input from community prior to meeting.
Mrs. Corbin presenting pay tution for preschool half day and kindergarten full day.
Next meeting will be Monday, April 5th at 4pm in Cardinal library.




   Shannon Nicholson, Kim Faughnan, Ryan Peschke, Abby Loe, Laura Thompson, Sherry Moodie, Heather Jones, Carla Hubbard, Christy Powell, Michelle Andrews, Seth Vaught, Linda Berryman, Laura Lehman, Kathryn Kmak, Lori Seppanen.

Administrator Report

Carla Hubbard reported on 4 star school.  Cardinal didn't make 4 star.  They are gathering more information on results.  PSG will try to support a party for good attendance.  Seth Vaught  present but nothing new to present.

Treasurers Report

Balance provided by Laura Thompson.  $14,210.32 as of January 2010.


Allotments due May 21.

Minigrants are all gone.

Box tops brought in $227.60.  Chuck E. Cheese brought in $53.14.

Committee Reports

Carnival list to teachers.  Themes and list of games.  Giving out list to room parents at Valentines parties for volunteers.  Teachers will put reminders in classroom newsletters. 

Food will probably be pizza.  Still working on this.

Coloring contest on 8x5 white sheet for free tickets to the carnival.  Advertising in the flyer for the carnival.  Advertise on Brownsburg channel.

President's comments

Working on something for 5th grade-mccloud naturalist at school.  Maybe a pool party for the fifth grade students in addition to the party at the school.  PSG to pay for pool party.  Still working on details.  High school pool night was a large turnout.

Muffins with mom May 7th-Donate half proceeds to homeless shelter. 

Walmart donations for Muffinsw/mom?

Concerns about budget for media specialist and field trips. 20 teachers cut.  PSG President, Treasurer and Vice President going to 20/20 envision meeting on February 2, 2010.

Signed up for Scrip.  Will start promoting when more information is provided.  President will provide more information at March meeting.

Innisbrook made at least $6,000 and considering if we will continue for next year.  Some problems getting product home with students.  A few online issues but they are trying to improve.  Send out a letter letting parents know how funds supported other activities within the school. 

ISTEP dates March 1.  PSG will provide snacks.  Second testing is in April.

COSI provided by PSG for 1st through 5th grade.  One day with assembly in the morning with shorter time than last year.  Approximately 45 minutes per grade. 

New Business

Presentation by Schwan's.  schwansfundraising.com  Order via phone, online or paper sent in.  Flexible with day of delivery.  Anyone can stop by purchase items if they forgot to order in advance.  They will do all of the work.  Money back within 30 days.  Banners in front of building.  May switch from Market day to Schwan's in August 2010.  Every third Monday of the month and some Saturday's.


Next meeting will be Monday, March 1st at 4pm in the Cardinal Media Center.




PSG Minutes January 4, 2010



Carla Hubbard, Seth Vaught, Shannon Nicholson, Laura Thompson, Sherry Moodie, Deanna Carman, Karen Murray, Mindy Howard, Kim Faughnan, Michelle Allen, Sandi Hartlieb, Alyssa Hegland, Sara Walroth, Betsy Owens

Administrator’s Report

Carla Hubbard—hopes everyone had a good winter break. Sort of aConfusion with High School not coming back until Tuesday. No othernew information. Seth Vaught—none

Treasurer’s Report

Laura Thompson—Bank balance $15, 347.21, still little over $300 in mini grant money left, all teachers turned in their allotments J , Donuts with Dad $97.09 profit, good turn out. Need to see if can get donuts donated next time.

Committee Reports

—Family Reading Night January 12, Sports theme. Race car driver. We have 4 Indiana Ice tickets to auction off.

Free entrance. Mrs. Green set up in cafeteria, stations.

Carnival—no chair person yet. Sent out several letters for auction items, slowly getting responses. Received 2 Holiday World tickets. Teachers can pick their own theme for auction boxes. March 12 5:30-8:30—Friday night. Food—more “dinner” than hot dogs, so possible pizza, Jimmy John’s, etc. Volunteers—have asked high school students to help. Possible Kohl’s 5 volunteers and $500 donation (Sherry Moodie contact).

Muffins with Mom—May 7 8am.

Walmart stated if we give them more notice, they may be able to donate.

President’s Comments

Kidzart set for new sessions---Jan 19, Jan 26, Feb 16—session A

Session B—Feb 23-Mar 23, Session C—April 6-May 4 $79/ session Made $75 profit from first session—goes to Mrs. DeStefano Would like to do another demo class.

McCloud Park—reworking some of the programs. Contact within next couple of weeks.

Comments/New Business

Valentine’s Party—last party of school year, run by room parents. Star Lab—Mr. Peschke not in attendance, will know process tomorrow. No charge. No snacks. Parents welcome.

Christmas Tree next school year, each teacher gets 5 stars, on back “wish list”(e.g. gift cards, supplies), will hang from tree, parents can pick star and purchase items for teacher. Well-received.

Script program brought up…look into for more information.

Shannon will mass email for teacher updates/psg reminders.

Teachers/staff like that PSG is trying new things.

Chuck E Cheese profit $147.26


Next meeting Feb. 1

 PSG Minutes October 5, 2009



                Seth Vaught, Shannon Nicholson, Kim Faughman, Laura Thompson, Heather Whitesides, Abby

                Loe, Jennifer Laughlin, Ryan Peschke, Michelle Andrews, Deanna Carmen, Laura Lehman, Mendy                            Howard, Pam Ancel


Administrator Report


Treasurers Report

                Innisbrook Sale- Profit $12,000, Balance $19,000, we get 50%

Committee Reports

                *Box Tops- $291 one month; 1,500 labels; 21,000 labels for PE equipment, etc.

                *Skating Party- success

                *T-shirts in profit

                *Money in “mini-grant”

                *Book fair- Heather-preview Tuesday, Wednesday ready; volunteer, need tear down 7:30 Thursday

                *Red Ribbon Week- set

                *Reading Night- October 26 6-7:30, location Café

                *Angela G, 12-13 teachers, snacks available to buy

                *Redbird Run- May, getting t-shirts? Eagle made $18,000

                *Santa Shoppe- Science Lab room for kids forgot $


                *11/6 Luncheon-Parent/Teacher, 12:00, 50-75 people, McAllister Wraps or pitch-in, Chik-fil-a,


                *Donuts w/Dad-$5 each

                *Teacher of the month-good

New Business

                *ISTEP-early March-late April, we need to provide snack, prepackaged ex: fruit rolls, rice krispies, grades 3-5, incentive for good             behavior test takers? Mrs. Hubbard wants to do dunk Tank

                *After school art program- 1day/week, 5-6 sessions, 4-5:00pm, Science Room, $90, PSG receives

                10%, available Nov? 10/group

                *Folk Dancing night-January different cultures

                *Vaccinations-10/20, Heather 9-3, Kim, Shannon

                *11/12 vision screening, need volunteers

                *Star night-star lab-traveling night class for parents w/kids may offer snacks

                *5th grade field trip have bus $ only, McCloud Nature Park


                *Next meeting November 2, 2009 at 4:00pm

Cardinal PSG,
Oct 13, 2009, 2:10 PM