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Royal Blue Flower Girl Dresses

royal blue flower girl dresses
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royal blue flower girl dresses - Size-3T RRE-35820F
Size-3T RRE-35820F 2-Piece ROYAL BLUE FLORAL PRINT PAPERBAG DROP WAIST Special Occasion Flower Girl Party Dress/Shrug Set,F735820 Rare Editions GIRLS
Size-3T RRE-35820F 2-Piece ROYAL BLUE FLORAL PRINT PAPERBAG DROP WAIST Special Occasion Flower Girl Party Dress/Shrug Set,F735820 Rare Editions GIRLS
Beautiful ROYAL-BLUE FLORAL PRINT DROP WAIST DRESS & SHRUG SET features sleeveless ROYAL-BLUE KNIT BODICE and FLORAL PRINT DROP WAIST SKIRT with GATHERED PAPERBAG WAIST, SPARKLING SEQUIN ACCENTS and attached slip with ruffled crinoline underskirt for added fullness. ROYAL-BLUE KNIT SHRUG/CARDIGAN features long sleeves, RUFFLE TRIM, and BLACK SATIN RIBBON BOW TIE CLOSURE. Dress - hand wash, line dry. Cardigan - machine washable. Imported (Sri Lanka). Dress Bodice of cotton/polyester - Skirt of 100% cotton - Cardigan of cotton/polyester - Lining of polyester/cotton/nylon - Exclusive of trim/decoration. Matching/Coordinating sister styles available in sizes 2T-16, search for style(s): RRE-35820. More baby & girl party dresses available, search for: " rre-girl-party-dress "

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Handmade OOAK Deconstructed Crocheted Bohemian Skirt
Handmade OOAK Deconstructed Crocheted Bohemian Skirt
This skirt is a one of a kind deconstructed piece, the yoke of this skirt is from a pair of vintage 1980's, Gloria Vanderbilt,cotton blue velvet, jeans, and four crocheted cotton, rectangular doilies. The top skirt is from a vintage 70's cotton crocheted mini-dress and it has an under skirt which was salvaged from a vintage, girls, cotton gauze, dress to which a crinkled taffeta ruffle with raw edges, has been added for that great layered bohemian look.. The original pants zipper is still in use as the front closure and a decorative lace up application has been added to the back yoke. The watch pocket has been appliqued with a sequined flower patch in deep royal blue (hard to see in the pictures), in order to cover the swan monogram that is Gloria Vanderbilt's insignia. All of the original pants pockets are still usable, as the crocheted rectangles were sewn on by hand with sturdy quilting thread,or tacked on with vintage buttons in the back. According to the garment tags this is a size 10 (1980's sizes) Note:possible imperfections are inherent in reconstructed garments using vintage and salvaged materials. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Garment Measurements: Waist measures 28-30 inches Hip measures approx 36 inches Length,waistline to hem line, measures 30 inches
Playskool Raggedy Ann Heart to Heart Cloth Doll
Playskool Raggedy Ann Heart to Heart Cloth Doll
Playskool Raggedy Ann Heart to Heart Cloth Doll Heart to Heart Raggedy Ann cloth doll by Playskool dated 1992. This Raggedy Ann doll measures 18 ?’ long and is made entirely of fabric with a soft polyester stuffing. Ann has her usual bright red yarn hair and painted face but she wears a colourful romper instead of the traditional long dress and bloomers. The romper is sewn onto the body and is made from royal blue poly- cotton fabric printed with tiny red, yellow and white flowers. It has white sleeves and a red bodice on which is printed a heart with “I Love You” in the center. A white bib is printed with a red heart marked “Heart to Heart”. She has the traditional red and white striped legs and black feet. A matching blue print bonnet is sewn onto the back of the head. This doll originally had a heart beat mechanism in the back velcro opening but it is missing. One of those musical discs that play when pressed could be inserted instead. Despite this this is a very nice Raggedy Ann doll. This doll is in excellent, clean un-played with condition. It is spotless, undamaged, bright and colourful. This is an excellent doll to add to a Raggedy Ann collection; in fact I took it direct from mine.

royal blue flower girl dresses