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1375 Confessor

Whilst working away from his monastery of Norwich and getting used to life in the court of Simon Langham, Adam started to acquire some of the indulgencies and privileges usually accorded to monks away from home. At this point his first duty was probably to his monastery and he was with Simon Langham by their leave. As he got used to life in Avignon in
the Livree (palace) of Simon Langham he started to gain an independence through things like this indulgence to have his own confessor, his ties to his home monastery slowly weakened:

Our beloved son Adam of Easton, monk of the church of Norwich of the order of St Benedict, professor of sacred theology, it is conceded to you that out of the pious desire for constant peace and the health of mind partaken of God, and in consequence of this and your supplication applying to our authority with our indulgence you can choose a suitable and distinguished priest to be your confessor, just as the precedent we have lately  set.


Given at Pontem Sorgem (modern day Sorgues) in Avignon Diocese, September in Year 5 of Gregory XI


Register Aven Folio 197 r (segreto archivo)