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1371 Cashing In

In 1370 Urban V died in Avignon. Adam and Simon were heading for Flanders to try and broker peace between England and France in the Hundred Years War and so they hurried back to Avignon so that Simon could take part in the conclave to elect the new pope. They got there just in time and Simon voted with his fellow cardinals for Pierre de Beaufort, who took the name Gregory XI. Simon then headed back off for Flanders but Adam had a more important task, collecting the money traditionally given by the Avignon popes to the cardinals who had elected them and in the process a not insubstantial hand out for himself! Note that as an active ambassador on legation, Simon is described as a "legate of the apostolic seat". Meanwhile Adam now has a formal position as "socius", a sort of personal secretary, to the cardinal.

Die idem. Cadem soluti et traditi fuerunt de mandato domini pape benedissimo in ipse domino Simon Cardinali Cantuarensis in partibus Anglie apostolice sedis legato pro complemento iij m florenis quod quolibet de xxiiij solidis ipsus dominus papam eidem domino Cardinali datorum pro pape nova creatione domino fr Adam de Aestone magistro in theologia socius ipsimus domino Cardinalis pro ipso manualiter recipiente viii c florenis pandisse (computatis iiij franchs per v florenis)

The same day. The present released and handed over at the mandate of the Lord pope himself, for the Lord Simon, Cardinal of Canterbury in England and legate of the apostolic seat, 3,000 florins and as he pleases 24 shillings given to the same Lord Cardinal by the Lord Pope himself for (on the occasion of) the new creation of the pope and received into the hands of Father Adam of Easton master in theology and socius to his master Lord Cardinal and 800 florins for himself (computed at the rate of 4 francs to 5 florins)

Collectoriae 464 fo 193v last item on page (item v) All items on this folio are dated 1371 and 26th March.