1391 Livings for others too

Adam could help those who were attached to his court through his patronage, but until 1394 he had but a handful of courtiers. Nonetheless he was able to exert considerable influence in view of his seniority in the curia. In the examples that follow Adam provides assistance to two Englishmen, and a Flemish member of his own court. In each case Adam intervened to provide succour for their attempts to win an English benefice, an activity that the King would shortly make efforts to put a stop to:


To master Thomas de Walkington, doctor of canon law and papal chaplain. Provision to him who is also auditor of causes of the apostolic palace at the petition of Adam Cardinal Priest of St Cecilia, of the poor hospital without cure of souls of Schirburi in the Diocese of Durham (to be assigned by foundation ordinances to secular clerks, value to a resident 400, or to a non resident 100 marks, void by promotion made by Urban VI of John to the see of Salisbury and therefore reserved to the pope (who died without disposing thereof) in accordance with his general reservation of benefices void through promotions by him to cathedral churches, notwithstanding that he holds the parish church of Houghton, the archdeaconry of Cleveland and canonries and prebends in Exeter, the free royal chapel of St Martin le Grand, London and St John's Beverly value together 460 marks; and canonries of York, Lincoln, Salisbury, St John's Beverly, St Peter's Howden, St Andrews Aukeland and Ripon, with expectation of prebdends and of a dignity personatus of office with or without cure of York, and that he has lately had provision from the present pope of a benefice with or without cure of the common or several gift of the bishop prior and chapter of Durham.

10 Kalends May St Peter's Rome 1391 (from Papal letters and Papers)


To William de Chesterton rector of Rattlesdene in the diocese of Norwich. Dispensation at the petition also of Adam Cardinal of St Cecilia's to hold for two years his church at Rattlesdene value 50 marks, together with Jakesle value 100 marks, upon obtaining possession which he has not yet got, notwithstanding that by the terms of the provision made to him by Urvban VI  by whom it had been previously reserved, he was bound to resign Rattlesdene, notwithstanding also the provision of Rattlesdene which the same pope ordered to be made to Robert Broun , clerk, of the diocese of Bath. The pope does not intend the said Robert to be otherwise prejudiced by these presents in respect of Rattlesdene.

10 Kalends February St Peter's Rome 1391 (from Papal letters and Papers)


Gerardo Everardi, consideratione Ade, tituli Sct Cecilia presbyteri cardinalis, pro familiari, continuo commensali, confert altare cura SS crucis et Katherine situm in ecclesia de Foren, Leodiensis dioc, 6 marcum argentum, vacans per obitum apud Sedum Danielis Thome de Ruttis. Cum clausula anteferri. Datum Roma apud sancti petri nones februarii, anno V

Reg. Lateranensia 31 fo 232v Rome 1394