1389 Restoration

The Westminster Chronicle is a bit brief and to the point but from it we see several momentous changes in Adam’s world, starting with the death of his old friend and fellow student Thomas Brinton, and finishing in early 1390 with his elevation as chief advisor in the curia to the new pope, effectively making him the second most powerful man in the church.


Entry for 1389

The death occurred on 4th May of Thomas Brinton, bishop of Rochester…………. In the Roman Curia the abbot elect of Bury St Edmunds received the papal blessing on 14th June form Cosmas Gentilis, Bishop of Bologna and on the 20th of the same month solemnly consecrated Master John Trefnant as bishop of Hereford and Master Edmund (Bromfield), a Bury St Edmunds monk, as Bishop of Llandaff, from which see the pope had translated Brother William Bottlesham to Rochester (vacant following the death of Brinton)

Death of pope Urban. On 15th October Pope Urban VI died in Rome and on the 2nd November the cardinals elected a Neapolitan cardinal whose title was Boniface IX.

Entry for 1390

The King began his parliament at Westminster on 17th January, it lasted until 2nd March and by its end some harsh legislation had been promulgated. During this time the pope restored to their former dignity all the cardinals whom Urban VI had deposed and chose Adam Easton, also reinstated, as his chief advisor.


From the Westminster Chronicle