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1641 Contelori writes....

In his snappily titled work the "Elenchus eminentissima et reverendissima cardinalium ab anno 1294 ad annum 1430" Felice Contelori wrote about Adam and once again we have to acknowledge two things. Firstly that even in the 17th Century Adam was still regarded as one of the more venerated of the cardinals and secondly that already, just 250 years after his death his life story was becoming confused. To say the least...... Nonetheless here is a rare glimpse of Adam's role in the coronation of King Charles Durazzo:

Father Adam of Easton of the Order of St Benedict and priest of St Cecilia was taken into captivity on 11th July 1385 in the castle of the town of Luceria and he remained there deprived of the dignity of cardinal, until the English King begged for his release. Boniface IX saw to it that he was restored to that dignity. Ciacconus called him Bishop of London and counted him amongst the first (cardinals) created (by Urban VI) but this is an error as William who was at that time Bishop of London was made (cardinal) in that first creation. Adam was identified as a monk of the Order of Benedict from the time he was questioned in March 1379 over his knowledge of the events at the time of the election of Urban VI, deposited in the Books of the Schism which are in the Vatican, until the investiture of the King of Sicily on the first Monday of 1381. Urban granted (the Kingdom) to King Charles and the cardinals signed as witnesses to the grant, Adam did not (appear to) sign but one of the signatories who was not a cardinal reviewed the testimony and was called Father Adam de Anglia but with no mention of "cardinal", therefore he was not made up in that first creation of 1378.

On Saturday the 18th day of December in the year 1389 Boniface IX created cardinals of the Holy Roman Church, among the undersigned were: restored to the dignity of Cardinal, Adam of England Bishop of London with the title of St Cecilia.

He died on 20th September in the year 1397.