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Where the hands aren't real but the decisions are


Prior Hands 

The Wisdom of the Buddha 

Virtual Buddha returns for 2008 with the third tournament.  Same rules as before (24 hours to make a move after being notified it is your turn, save weekends is the big one).  Everyone starts with $200.  Blinds will start at 10/20 and go up every 10 hands.  This time, the table looks like:

Seat 1: Shrek           Seat 4: Vegas
Seat 2: LM                Seat 5: C-Rec
Seat 3: Yeti               Seat 6: Papa

Let's shuffle up and deal!

Hand 3-6:

After five hands, we stand heads-up.  Jon is small blind, while Bobby is dealer and big blind.

Jon calls the blind.  Bobby checks.

Flop comes out 7h-5c-Ks.

Jon goes first and, in a decidedly backhanded move, bets 489.  Bobby calls, leaving a solitary chip in front of him.

The turn shows Jd.  Jon, intimidated by Bobby's chip stack, checks.  Bobby takes a deep breath, then flips all-in.  (Hard to push all-in with one chip.)  "Against my better judgement," Jon says, then calls.

Cards get turned over and Bobby feels good about his Kd-9d until taking a gander at Jon's Kc-5d.

Hoping for a nine on the river, Bobby instead looks at 4d and Jon takes home the title.


Jon had the best hand out of all six.

The next hand, Bobby's Jc-2c would have held up when a Jack came up on the flop.

Hand 8, Jason's big blind hand of 4c-7s would have looked real nice after a 9h-6c-8s flop, and the 10h would have come on the river.

The next to last hand would have won by Jason again, holding a pair of Jacks.

And, finally, if Russell could have played 4s-9d from early position, he'd have trailed Ken (pair of 10s) after the flop, but hit a 4 on the turn and a 9 on the river.

Chip stacks: Jon 1200.  Out: Jason, Ken, Charles, Russell, Bobby.

Hand 3-5:

Charles gets added to the "get and fold" group as we are down to three-way action.  Bobby gets to be the little blind, while Russell takes care of the big one.

Jon raises, making the total 39 to go.  Bobby decides to rest on his laurels and folds.  Russell takes the plunge, raising it another 21 and goes all-in.  Jon calls.

Cards get flipped.  Russell looks good with 10c-9h, but Jon holds Kc-7d.

Flop: 2d-As-3d.  No help for either side.

Turn: 7s.  Jon pairs up.

River: Kd.  Jon gets two pair and drives Russell out of the game.


Jon had the best hand of any.

Chip stacks: Bobby 510, Jon 690.  Out: Jason, Ken, Charles, Russell.

Hand 3-4:

Remember, even though it drives certain players crazy, for the rest of this round Jason and Ken are assumed to have been dealt cards that are then folded.

With the dealer button dead, Jon sends the cards around again.  Charles is little blind, while Bobby takes the big one.

Russell opens by calling the big blind.  Jon figures he's taken enough money for the moment and folds.  Charles shows no fear, pushing all in, a raise of 140.  Bobby thinks he can handle that and calls.  Russell goes ahead and put all his chips in the middle as well, forcing Bobby to decide on his last 20.  He's pot committed, so he tosses those in as well.

With two all ins, the cards get flopped.  Charles shows Kd-Qc, but he's dominated by Bobby's As-Js and Russell's Ad-10s.

Flop comes 6h-Jd-8s.

Bobby hits top pair.

Turn is 2c, no help to anyone.

River comes 8h.  Board pairs and Bobby's pair of Jacks hold.


Bobby had the best hand, even of the ones folded.

Chip stacks: Bobby 520, Russell 60, Jon 620.  Out: Jason, Ken, Charles.

Hand 3-3:

Again the winner deals as Vegas and Charles put out their blinds.

Ken acts first and goes big, firing a total of 60 at the pot.  Bobby and Russell decide to get out of the way.  Jon, however, is not intimidated by the Smurf and calls.  Jason defends his small blind.  Charles, however, won't defend the big.


Jason gets to lead off the three-way.  Feeling very aggressive, he pushes all in.  That's not enough to run off Ken, who calls the all-in (which makes all-in for him as well).  Jon eagerly throws his money in as well.

With only Jon having any chips left, the cards get flipped over.  Jason holds 8c-9d, giving him an open-ended straight draw.  Ken shows a lot of paint with Qc-Ad.  Jon, however, has Jc-10h, giving him a pair of tens.

The turn comes 7s.  The board pairs, which only helps Jon.

The river is 5s.  Jon scraps the chips toward him as Jason and Ken are knocked out of the tournament.


Jon was actually the projected winner looking at all the hands.

Chip stacks: Bobby 180, Russell 240, Jon 620, Charles 160.  Out: Jason,  Ken.

Hand 3-2:

Action moves along as our winner deals, Jon and Vegas blind.

Charles calls under the gun.  Ken looks wounded at the drop in hand quality and folds.  Bobby goes ahead and stays in.  Russell folds, but Jon puts in the extra 10.    Jason checks and we go to the flop.


Jon goes first and throws 40 into the pot.  It's too rich for Jason's blood, so he folds, as does Charles.  Bobby does as well and the pot is Jon's.


Turn was 9h, river 6d

If Russell had stayed in, his trips would have been good.

Chip stacks:  Bobby 180, Russell 240, Jon 240, Vegas 180, Charles 180, Ken 180

Hand 3-1:

Everyone settles in around the table and starts throwing around trash talk along with various aromatic difficulties.  Bobby sends the cards around (using the new Star Wars decks Buddha just bought) and Russell and Jon put in the respective blinds.

Jason starts the hand off with a hard fold.  Charles follows suit, letting Jon start the "walk" chant.  Ken squashes that by calling the blinds.  Bobby lets the clock wind down before folding.  Russell wants to see a flop, so he calls.  Jon is content to check and see a flop.

Flop: Ac-3s-5s

Russell, Jon and Ken stare at the board.  Russell does the decisive thing and checks.  Jon follows suit.  Ken says that works for him.

Turn: 5d

Another power card.  Russell breaks things up by betting 50.  That's too much for Jon, who folds.  Ken does the same and Russell takes the pot.


The river card was 7c.

If Jason could have held on to his hand, his trip 5s would have won the day.

Chip stacks:  Bobby 200, LM  240, Yeti 180, Vegas 200, C-Rec 200, Papa 180