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Welcome to the off-season!

Congrats to another title for Wendy's Peffercorns.  One of these days we'll figure out how to beat you.

Now, it's time for some roster work.  The links are updated.  The schedule has been worked on as well.  Get to work!

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League Schedule

Dec. 8--Minor leaguer required to be promoted must be on major league roster.

Dec. 9--Deadline to cut players before FA period.

Dec. 10--Free agent bidding opens.

Dec. 22--First group closes.

Dec. 25--Christmas

Dec. 29--Second group closes.

Dec. 31--New Year's Eve

Jan. 1--New Year's Day

Jan. 5--Third group closes.

Jan. 12--Fourth group closes.

Jan. 19--Fifth group closes.

Jan. 26--Sixth group closes.

Feb. 2--Seventh group closes

Feb. 9--Last group closes

Feb. 14--Pitchers and catchers report