Sooner or later,
no section of society will be untouched by climate change.
Nations, regions, towns and cities are under pressure to make plans
to reduce overall dependency on fossil fuels,
and their carbon emissions.

Faith Communities in the city must do more
than give moral support for this programme

They must take a moral and practical lead,
by setting their own houses in order,
or expect reproach for being
part of the problem
rather than part of the solution.

A conference in
Cardiff's City Hall, 22.09.09. offered members of all the City's faith communities an opportunity to meet and consider :  how climate change will impact upon life in this city in coming decades, and what sort of action can be taken to reduce  carbon footprints both in religious meeting places, and  personal lifestyles. A brief report of the conference will be found here

As a follow up to this event, on the occasion of its AGM, Cardiff United Nations Association are inviting faith community members to a special post Copenhagen meeting on Climate concerns at
The Friends' Meeting House in Charles Street 26.03.10 at 7.30pm.

Speakers will be Dr John Weaver of South Wales Baptist College, and Dr Hefyn Jones of Cardiff University, member of Minny Street Welsh Independent Church